Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, the bow jeans

Look mummy I don't have presents so I am wrapping my legs with bow ties.

Oh gosh !! I can see my cellulite with the holes on it.... 

and welcome to the grand opening of the bow jeans. All you need to do now is cut the bows

and with that another senseless, unpractical piece of clothing attire.(except maybe if you are Britney Spears) 

What do you think guys or girls about bow jeans?


Jessica said...

Honestly, i don't think there's anything wrong with it. I find kinda cool actually. But i wouldn't know shit, i'm not a fashion designer anyway.

sully86 said...

jessicamae: I no designer or anything, but for me its ugly..hahaahha

Anonymous said...

You think they are ugly because, and I quote you: "Oh gosh !! I can see my cellulite with the holes on it.... "
If you can pull them off, don't be a bitchy person and say they are ugly :) eat healthy, do sports and reduce that cellulite... because they actually look cute on slim legs ;) and you don't need to be a fashion designer to notice it

sully86 said...

anonymous: what is beautiful and fashionable for you is not for me in my opinion. I was not trying to make everyone agree to my opinion here about bowjeans. I am not saying that your opinions is wrong either because well you are entitle to your own opinion okay.So don't be bitchy person by calling me bitchy and you do know that the blog owner is a guy right? Why call me a bitch?Just relax and chill about it okay. I did nothing? lol

Anonymous said...

These jeans are cool.

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