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Cheers for non alcoholic beverage

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ham sandwhich

how do you like my pork ham sandwich with flacks of  omega rich tuna?

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Movie reviews: the Lorax and The hunger games

File:Lorax teaser poster.jpg
From the producer who brought you Despicable Me and from Dr.Seuss' children's book of the same name. comes a story about a boy name Ted Wiggins who lives in Thneed-ville, a walled up city that is filled with artificial products, like trees, cars etc. One day the girl of his dreams told him about her desire to see a tree. To fulfil her dreams of seeing one,Ted ventures outside of the protected walls of the town to meet Once'ler on the matter, after a suggestion from his grandma. Slowly but surely Ted discover a sad truth behind the non-existent of  trees around the neighbourhood. Thus, begins Ted's quest to correct the wrong that has been done to nature.
Overall the movie was enjoyable to watch. Fun is in the vocabulary when you watched any of Dr. Seuss creation. In this animated movie, the whimsical and the crazy are merged into one.There is something fun about bears and fishes prancing around and a bunch of characters doing a dance number with loony music to accompany the craziness.
The story for this movie is pretty straightforward.So there is nothing to shout about.
Not a stellar movie but a fun one to watch.

Movie rating: 7/10
Another movie adaption and this time from Suzanne Collins's books. The hunger games depicts America after a post apocalyptic stage after the war. In order to control the rebelliousness, two kids from each of the thirteen district is send to a battle of honor called The Hunger Games where the one  who remains as the last remaining person on the game will be declared the victor. Katnis Everdeena tribute from Sector  12 volunteered after her younger sister was called out to be one.
Overall the movie was okay. I mean I don't read the books, so my expectations were pretty low for the movie. The performance of the lead heroine in this movie, which was portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence was powerful and really left and impression on me. I was smitten by her in the movie Winter's Bone. She was the second youngest ever nominee for Best Actress in a leading role in that movie. She was no exception in this movie. I think it is safe to say that without her, they will be not Katniss in the film adaption of the book.
The movie has it fair share of sci-fi intrigue but without the patchy and sometimes cheesy storyline of some recent sci-fi box office bombed from a certain mouse company( If you get my drift there).  It was a fluid movie albeit the slow moving middle section. If you are that kind that can seat for a few hours in a cinema than it is for you, if you like a movie that which is face paced an energetic that it would be a hard movie to watch.
Sometimes when you have to do something to survive, what would you do to be on top of the game?

Movie rating: 8.0/10.0

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the Union Flag

In 1603, James VI of Scotland inherited the English and Irish thrones, thereby uniting the crowns of England, Scotland and Ireland.
In 1606, a new flag to represent this regal union was specified in a royal decree, according to which the flag of England and Scotland would be joined together, forming the flag of Great Britain and first union flag.
The current and second Union Flag dates from 1801 with the Act of Union 1800, which merged the Kingdom of Ireland and the Kingdom of Great Britain to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
The new design added a red saltire, the 'cross of Saint Patrick', for Ireland.
The three component crosses that make up the Union Flag are:

  1. The red St. George's Cross, which represents England
  2. The white diagonal St. Andrew's Cross, representing Scotland
  3. The red diagonal St. Patrick's Cross, representing Ireland

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Book giveaway!!

Good news to all book lovers!!!I am extending the book giveaway contest!!!
dateline: 13th May 2012

For more rules and regulations for the contest, click the link below:

In the news!!

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"successful attempt"

You know you had a successful attempt at jogging when your legs gives way after about 5
#true story#

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Poor design layout

You know that there is something wrong when the layout of the toilet is like that!!!

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Bus woes

I am not impressed at the current transport situation in Malacca now. Even though the government decided to take over the establishment with new air conditioned buses, but the cons tops the pros.
  1. It's super clean
  2. It's air conditioned

  1. The buses are not punctual. At some cases, the waiting can vary from 10 minutes, or 30 minutes, or 1 and half hours. The longest I've waited was almost 2 hours and that was when two buses passes me at the bus stop even though I was putting myself out there for them to see for them to come to a halt for me to board on them.
  2. The bus drivers here are highly underpaid
  3. With reason number two, I think that is why Malaccan bus drivers are the worst kind of drivers so far I have witnessed.
  • Related article to support why most Malaccan bus drivers are rude and irresponsible for their passagers: We are not dumb, You are!
Riding the Malacca public is not for the faint hearted. I know I have wasted lots of precious time till I am really numb about it.  

Beach ball of death

In depth story on the beach ball of death:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Feed me mommy!!! Feed me

*observation mode*
Was slurping away my bowl of curry laksa a.k.a rice vermicelli in a bowl of curry broth. I was sitting down minding my own business at a side stall when a family came by and join in the eating experience. there was the husband, there was the wife, the son and the baby(gender unknown), the mother in laws and the maid.

*a few minutes later*
Their order came, they starting eating and everyone started devouring their meals. Okay, maybe except for the baby. Their son was clearly strong enough to eat by his own (He looks like his 4 or 5 years old). The maid was the one that fed him. The mom didn't do any meal to meal interaction with the kid.

*I am assuming that*
She either tired from working whole day or she that trophy wife that is to stuck up to take care of the kids that the maid has to to all the work all the time.

I bet the son was crying inside screaming, " feed me mom!!! feed me!!!".

and another thing if the mom is so lazy to drag her lazy hands to feed her child,  I think the kid should be taught how to start to feed himself. I don't get it when a kid that is able to start feeding himself or herself still needs to be spoon fed. I seriously don't get it. It's the same thing also with kids still needing to go about in a  baby's stroller when clearly they do not need to?

BMW Malaysia Open 2012

Date: 27th February - 4th March 2012
Venue: Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort
Winner of a complimentary season pass baby!! Wish it was a pair of ticket. Could bring a friend along.

the not so punctual shuttle bus service for Menara Maybank Bangsar.

the ball boys and ball girls had to manually dry the centre court.

and they did that for hours.

Finally the match starts. That is Eleni Daniilidou of Greece

That is Su Wei Hsieh from Taiwan

Su-Wei Hsieh won that match 6-0, 4-6, 6-1 when Daniilidou was clearly not in tip top form having played a quarterfinal match on the same day.

 fans waiting for the second semifinal.

Between Petra Martic of Croatia

and Jelena Jankovic of Serbia

to the fan dismay, the match was cancelled again because of rain. Meaning Petra and Jelena had to play the seminal during final's day. 

4th March 2012- Final's Day.
Women's doubles match between Chinese Taipei pair Chang Kai-Chen/Chuang Chia-Jung vs Chinese Taipei and Japan pairing of Chan Hao-Ching/Rika Fujiwara.

Looks like a spectator is feeling the heat too. Notice the white towel drape over the head? 

Fujiwara of Japan in action

Its the Chinese Taipei duo that won the match. Congratulations to the two.

After playing a three set match against Jelena Jankovic for almost 3 hours, Petra Martic had only a few hours to recuperate and continue on with the finals.
Petra on the left and Hsieh on the rain, waiting for the outcome of the coin toss from the umpire.

and sad to say Su-Wei Hsieh won(2-6,7-5,4-1) the whole damn tournament when Petra had to retired because of physical exhaustion. Can't blame her. She had to play two matches in one day.  Su-Wei Hsieh is one lucky B**cH*. If she and Petra had a re-matched, I think she will be floored by her.

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will get back to you soon

will be a busy bee this weekend. will be back soon.

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