Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beyonce vs Cuccarini

Beyonce 2011 Billboard performance vs Lorella Cuccarini during a 2010 performance. Who copied who you think?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Buranovskiye Babushki - Party For Everybody

The coolest bunch of old grand ladies, everrr!! from Russion. Placing second during the rest 2012 Eurovision singing competition.

What is Eurovision:

1Malaysia Pad

Model Anisa Abdullah showing off the 1Malaysia Pad, which was unveiled during a soft launch. The developers promise affordable connectivity on the device which they say is on par with those now on the market. The tablet, with a 7-inch screen, will be officially launched next month. — Bernama.

"It was officially unveiled at a soft launch yesterday, promising affordable mobile connectivity on a device which the developers claim was on par with those currently available in the market".

In reality: There must be hidden costs and frequent if not constants reliability problems with the product; for example poor mobile connectivity with very poor quality parts to make the product. I am in doubt with Malaysian made products.
The tablet also comes with a clutch of built-in applications, the most notable being the 1Malaysia Messenger or 1MM app, which offers free messaging between users akin to popular applications such as WhatsApp and Blackberry Messenger.

In reality: Been there, done that. No originality at all with Malaysian's engineers or designers.

Sohaimi said the 1Malaysia Pad will be in the market next month after its official launch by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, at an introductory price of RM999 for the first 5,000 units.
In reality: What on earth!!???!!! RM900 sounds steep for me for a home grown product. Sorry, that is a deal breaker for me.

The tablet comes with two cameras – 3.0 megapixel device at the back and a 0.3 megapixel in the front – WiFi and 3G data capabilities, a Li-Polymer 4000mAH battery and a 32GB micro SD memory card.
In reality: Wow. That is so mediocre. The rest of the world is ages ahead with the specs. A 3.0 megapixel camera is just embarrassing.

Before this, the government provided free tablet size laptop for students of higher learning. A lot of my friends got  it. Initially there was no problems, but months after using it, there are a lot of setbacks ranging from spoiled cable charger, a blank out screen and jam up keys on the keyboard. The damn thing is that, all of my friends they brought their table laptops to the service center had a hard time getting their laptop back. Shitty after service and most of all a damn shitty product. I couldn't care less about this 1Malaysia Pad.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

skydiving gone awry


An 80 year old Californian woman named Lavern was literally clinging for dear life as she is hung from her parachute harness after was forced to jump.

katy Perry Kisses

Not a big fan of her, but I definitely want a smooch from her

Friday, May 25, 2012

Vege power week

Vege power week is a week of eating healthy by eating leafy greens. Here is a snippet of the first day of Vege Power Week.

tuesday.22nd May 2012.lunch

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Movie review: Men In Black 3

Agent J( Will Smith) and agent K( Tommy Lee. Jones) are back in the 3rd installment of the popular sci-fi alien movie. Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld this third installment brings the dysfunctional duo to protect the earth from evil alien scum.
The premise of the movie revolves around a nasty alien named Boris the animal, which have escaped from a prison cell  located on the moon. He has a penchant for wanting revenge on Agent K after Agent K thwarted his plan on annihilating  earth. In plotting his revenge, Boris goes back in time in the year 1969 to kill the younger version of Agent K. It is up to Agent J to stop the evil plans of Boris and stop him from destroying the world.
It's not always easy to do a movie involving time travel. In this movie, the concept of the story is relatively quite straightforward. Agent J needs to safe the world by travel in time to stop a certain cataclysmic event that can change the course of earth's history.
The obvious differences of this movie compared to the previous two is that this one  delves more on the relationship of the two agents and why Agent K is such a serious and aloof person. I think it's because of this the movie somehow losses it's fun and brazenness. It somewhat a tone down version of the Agent K and Agent J that I love so much on the previous movie. Just a few notch lower this time. I feel its more centered towards how both of the agents coexist within each other than the gun busting
Other than that, Josh Brolin did an excellent imitation of Agent K. From the mannerisms. They way he talks and facial expression, he did pretty darn good. Will Smith wasn't off the mark too considering the fact that the movie took quite a long time, 10 years from the last one that was made.
Overall, it was just an okay one for me. I wasn't feeling the MIB vibe in this one.

Movie rating: 7.0/10.0

Monday, May 21, 2012

lucky escape in China

remember the girl that got crush by a van and died in China? Well, something different again happen at a traffic at China.

watermelon kitteh

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spot the game

Spot the game, or commonly known in Bahasa Malaysia as Titik, is a game involving two people, a sheet of mathematics paper, one pen each for each player(preferably different color) and a game plan. For example if you are on the blue team, your aim is to capture as many of your opponents dots by making sure that the dots are fully connected to make a fortress. Do this before your opponents does. The one with the most dots or covered area wins.
Do anyone of you played this game before at school? If you do give a comment below this entry regarding your experience on this matter.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blow Jobs

Powerful blasts of wind are used to create interesting facial expressions in images by Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern for his smartly titled series "Blow Jobs".
Tadao Cern

Tadao Cern

Tadao Cern

Tadao Cern

Tadao Cern

Tadao Cern

Tadao Cern

Tadao Cern

Tadao Cern

Tadao Cern

More pictures of Tadao Cern's Blow Job series, go to:

Random Places: Faroe Islands

More on the Faroe Islands:

Friday, May 18, 2012

Death of Donna Summer

LaDonna Adrian Gaines (December 31, 1948 – May 17, 2012)

Related news:

Are you mom enough!!

 The recent issue of TIME magazine dated May 21st features  26 year old Jamie Lynne Grumet of Los Angeles a lactation consultant, breastfeeding advocate, and mother of two who blogs at I Am Not the Babysitter. The child at her breast is her son, Aram, who turns 4 in June. "I don't consider breast feeding immodest at all," she told Time magazine. "I'm not shy about doing it in public."

More on this:

Well, I don't know about you guys, but I really find the picture disturbing and creepy. A fact make even more scarier is the fact that her son is that old.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Movie Review: Dark Shadow

Based on the popular show which aired on ABC television network from June 27, 1966 to April 2, 1971. Dark Shadow stars Johny Depp as Barnabas Collins the son of a wealthy family from Liverpool, England, who with his family set sail to the  fishing port  of Maine, which was then the New World, North America- to expand their empire. The Collins family got very wealthy and was so successful that they named the fishing port Collinsport and build a manor for themselves,  called The Collinwood  Manor. Barnabas grew up to be a flirtatious playboy and in the process broke the heart of a witch which is also the family's servant, Angelique Bouchard. In a fit a jealously, she cursed Barnabas to be a vampire and puts a spell on Josette which forces her to jump of a cliff. She also convinces the towns-folks that he is a vampire. He is capture, chained up and buried in a coffin in the woods alive. After being accidentally release after almost two decades, Barnabas returns to Collinwood Manor to right the wrong.
I didn't expect anything much from this movie as I was not even born yet during the airing of the soap opera. So I didn't have any preconceived ideas or expectations when the film start rolling. Johnny Depp's  quirky sensibility always shines through and his character Barnabas is no exception. The movie itself is not campy in a way that will leave the audience feeling awkward
I heard that the original television soap show was a dark one. I am really glad that this version is a little light with  subtle jokes here and there to ease the seriousness. Maybe because of that, it took away a little bit of the dark, spookiness, and mysterious undertones of previous films directed by Tim Burton. I feel in this movie he could utilized further such elements to make the film more effective.
Overall, it's a good  watchable movie. As usual the standout actor in the movie is Johnny Depp.

Movie rating: 7.0/10.0

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

tennis Canada

Mother's Day Cookout 13.5.2012

Had this awesome cook out session at a friend's place during Mother's day. Her mum is cooking a Thai noodle dish for me  and my friend
Prepping the cabbage

Prepping the long beans

The crème de la crème,  the awesome soup.

The end result:
A delightful marriage of fresh finely chopped vegetables with the soft delicate texture of Thai noodles with thick creamy broth extracted from the pork bones simmered in a pot and merged into a bowl that delighted my palate and left me with a nice warm feeling in the stomach. *truestorycookwithamumslove*

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

rear end horror

Where: 15th annual Wango Tango concert for Los Angeles’ 102.7 KISS FM.

(photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Oh my goodness, why the need to show your butt crack!!!! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

true colors

I think the best way to gauge someone's trait or personality is to see him or her in two areas:

  1.  Driving on the road  and
  2. Seeing them watching football.
You thought that your friend have the coolest exterior but once you see them doing either one of those, you can really see their true colors/personalities. Lol, stupid name callings and curses thrown to each other on facebook for example..funny really.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The last air bender

Copy and paste this from a friend's facebook wall.

THIS IS A TRUE CONFESSION OF A LADY!!!...During lunch at work last week, I ate 3 plates of beans (which I know I shudn't). When I got home, my husband seemed excited to see me and exclaimed delightedly: "Darling I have a surprise for dinner tonight." He then blindfolded me and led me to my chair at the dinner table. I took a seat and just as he was about to remove my blindfold, the telephone rang. He made me promise not to touch the blindfold until he returned and went to answer the call. The beans I had consumed were still affecting me and the pressure was becoming unbearable, so while my husband was out of the room I seized the opportunity, shifted my weight to one leg and let one go. It was not only loud, but it smelled like a fertilizer truck running over a skunk in front of a garbage dump! I took my napkin from my lap and fanned the air around me vigorously. Then, shifting to the other leg, I ripped off three more. The stink was worse than cooked cabbage. Keeping my ears carefully tuned to the conversation in the other room, I went on releasing atomic bombs like this for another few minutes. The pleasure was indescribable! Eventually the telephone farewells signaled the end of my freedom, so I quickly fanned the air a few more times with my napkin, placed it on my lap and folded my hands back on it feeling very relieved and pleased with myself. My face must have been the picture of innocence when my husband returned, apologizing for taking so long. He asked me if I had peeked through the blindfold, and I assured him I had not. At this point, he removed the blindfold, and twelve dinner guests seated around the table,with their hands to their noses,chorused: "Happy Birthday!

Stronger: SCH

Monday, May 7, 2012

Supermoon 2012

Supermoon: Supermoon, Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand
A person in front of the supermoon at Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand
Supermoon: A runner makes his way along a trail at Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona
Supermoon: A runner makes his way along a trail at Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona
The supermoon is partly hidden by clouds in the skies above St. Augustine on the island of Trinidad.
The supermoon is partly hidden by clouds in the skies above St. Augustine on the island of Trinidad.

Florida photographer Isaiah Blount of Smooth Images submitted this picture of an airplane crossing the disk of the supermoon on
Saturday night.

Related article on the supermoon phenomena:

Jap Tornado

Here is an amateur video taken in Japan of a tornado striking a town in Japan

More on the news:

Saturday, May 5, 2012

MCA (Adam Yauch)

Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times
Mr. Yauch in 2008.

August 5, 1964 - May 4, 2012 (aged 47)

During that time, MTV was a hot commodity back then playing videos of artistes that was groundbreaking in their own craft. Adam Yauch was one third of the band member of the Beastie Boys, which started out a a Hard rock punk group in the early stages of their career. I was quite young back then, 12 years old to be exact, but I always enjoyed their rap songs.
The album that I enjoy the most and got me introduce to them was the album Hello Nasty back in 1998. I thought the album as a whole was mind-blowing and quirky with a mix and fun and crazy. Their beats are heavy but always highly innovative and it safe to say that they were the pioneers and the front runners of hip hop and making it mainstream. They really defy the stereotype of white men can't rap. They really are able to and darn good at it. Rest in peace MCA.

More on Adam and the Beastie Boys:

Blue clay court

In This Photo Released By The Mutua Madrid Open On  Friday May 4, 2012 A Blue Tennis Court Is Seen In This Hand Out
In this photo released by the Mutua Madrid Open on Friday May 4, 2012 a blue tennis court is seen in this hand out photo taken on Nov. 29, 2011 during the official presentation.

The shadow of tennis player Federer of Switzerland is cast on blue clay during a training session at the Madrid Open tennis tournament in Madrid
The shadow of tennis player Roger Federer of Switzerland is cast on blue clay during a training session at the Madrid Open tennis tournament in Madrid May 4, 2012. The traditional red clay surface will be replaced with a blue one for the first time in the tournament's history, according to the tournament organizers (REUTERS/Andrea Comas (SPAIN - Tags: SPORT TENNIS)
as opposed to the more traditional red clay

File:ND DN 2006FO.jpg

for tennis fans out there, what do you think of the blue clay versus the traditional red clay?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

don't be antisocial

*picture and game idea courtesy of Art Jonak*

 Introducing a new game called:

"Don't Be Anti-Social During Meals With Friends."

Everyone puts their phones in the middle of the table. Whoever cracks first by touching their phone, pays for the entire meal.

The purpose of the game was to get everyone off their phones, away from twitter, facebook, texting, etc and to encourage conversations. In other words, help cure the "Anti-Social Social Media Craziness."


1) The game starts after everyone sits down.

2) Everybody places their phone in the middle of the table.

3) The first person to touch their phone loses the game.

4) Loser of the game pays the bill for everyone's meal.

5) If the bill comes before anyone has touched their phone, everybody is declared a winner and pays for their own meal.

Are You Game? Are you willing to turn the tide of anti-social behavior? What do you think?!?

the jetman


Yves 'Jetman' Rossy continues to push the boundaries of aviation - this time, by successfully completing a flight under a sunny sky over the city of Rio de Janeiro. Yves Rossy, the only person to fly with a rigid wing equipped with four jet engines, dropped from a helicopter over Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, where he stabilised the wing and headed full throttle north to circumvent Corcovado. He then tracked south of the city to fly alongside Ipanema, Copacabana, and Sugar Loaf Mountain, before pulling his parachute and safely landing on the infamous Copacabana beach.

Rossy's carbon-kevlar Jetwing has four engines attached, which each offer a thrust of 22kg, propelling the Swiss aviator at between 200-300kph, controlled by a simple throttle in his hand. The rest of the controls are left to the human-fuselage, Yves Rossy himself who simply usages his shoulders, body and legs to steer, pitch and descend.

Rossy's previous aerial feats include flying in formation with two L-39c Albatros Jets over the Alps, flying across the English Channel and looping the loop around a hot-air balloon

the tomcat a.k.a rove beetle

More info on the rove beetle:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012's not Edward Cullen

this is not to scare you guys or anything but to encourage you guys to donate your time and blood that can save a life. Now they don't just insert the needle to draw your blood out but they inject a mild anesthetic so that you won't even feel a little bit of pain. It makes the whole experience as like as if you are bitten by an ant. No joke.

Hope this entry will inspire you to go your nearest blood bank and donate. A pint or two could save a life, think about it.

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