Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Miss and Mister Malaysia Campus 2011

Need your help!!!

Help vote for my friend Muhammad Nabil in this contest. To do your part, all you need to do is:

1)Like this  offical facebook page of this competition:
2) and finally, click this link and like the picture.

Monday, June 27, 2011

the bieber equation

Scenario 1



scenario 2



the moral of the story:
It sucks being Justine Bimbo

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The world ugliest dog contest

the 23rd Annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin County Fair on June 24, 2011 in Petaluma, California.
 AP photos/noah berger

 AP photos/noah berger

 AP photos/noah berger

justin sullivan/gettyimages

 justin sullivan/gettyimages

justin sullivan /gettyimages

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Perform this way!!!!

A few thing that I would like to say:
It's creepy,
scary and awesomely
funny at the same time.

$100000 razor

Production Company: Zaffiro 
Handle: Iridium
Blades:  Artificial grown sapphire 
Blades have a 10 year lifespan, with free sharpining for 10 years if blades dulls.

Selling price: $100000.00 USD

http://www.zafirro.com/products/Zafirro-Iridium.html (zafirro.com)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

my namesake: The Sullivans

Namesake is a term used to characterize a person, place, thing, quality, action, state, or idea that has the same, or a similar, name to another.

If you don't already know, my full name is Sullivan Alex Tan.(No, I don't have a Chinese name attached after my surname)

Today's namesake is other that the popular Australian television show, The Sullivans, set in the tumultuous time of World Word 2, in centers the lives of The Sullivan family and how the war effects their very existence.It ran for an amazing 8 season(from 1976 til 1983), and receive extensive recognition for is high standards of production during that time. It was also well received in many countries and was credited to bringing fame to its actor and actresses such as Mel Gibson and Kylie Minogue to name a few.

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Crazy Love Tour 2011: the videos Part 3

Continuing our videos of Michael Buble Concert at Melawati Stadium, here is a video that I took, of him singing,  
"All I do is dream of You"

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crazy Love Tour 2011: the videos Part 2

Hello back with another video of Michael Buble's Crazy Love Tour in Melawati Stadium back in March. Here is a video of him singing a Billy Vera and the Beaters classic At this moment.
Emotionally poignant and sad, it a story of a letting go of the love that you once love knowing that you have shared something special with that someone. Should you be bitter about it or let it go?
I think it is one of the saddest love songs of the history of sad love songs, but strangely this is one of my favourite.
Enjoy the video peeps!!

Movie review: Super 8

Super 8 brings the tale of Joe Lamb, a 13 year old boy who lives in a fictional town of Lilian, Ohio, who tragically lost his mother in a mill accident.
One night when Joe Lamb and his friends decided to shoot a scene of movie at a train depot, during the summer holidays, a train pass by them in the scene there were shooting and in the process, Joe notices a pick up truck, and the driver purposely drove onto the tracks into the oncoming train. In the process, a massive derailment occurred and some creature from one of the compartment got loose and escape.
Weird things starts to happen after that.
Super 8 brings forth J.J Abrams of Cloverfield and LOST fame as director and Steven Spielberg as executive producer for the film. One thing that is apparent is the yesteryear feel of the movie. This movie was set in the year 1979, so everything feels laid back in the movie.
I have to give props to the little actors who played their character respectively. I enjoyed their acting so much. It a simple alien movie, but what makes in a standout is J.J Abrams ability to make a good humane story out of it just like what Spielberg did with E.T in 1982.
A thoroughly enjoyable movie to watch, and I urge you all to go watch it.

movie rating: 7.5/10

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Friday, June 17, 2011

2011 eclipse

This picture is taking from our own backyard. Thanks Michael Chang for the picture.

 I will add some more pictures if there is any.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blast from the Past: Imitation of Life

Charades, pop skill
Water hyacinth, named by a poet
Imitation of life.
Like a koi in a frozen pond.
Like a goldfish in a bowl.
I don't want to hear you cry.

Thats sugarcane that tasted good.
Thats cinnamon, thats Hollywood.
C'mon, c'mon no one can see you try.

You want the greatest thing
The greatest thing since bread came sliced.
You've got it all, you've got it sized.
Like a Friday fashion show teenager
Freezing in the corner
Trying to look like you don't try.

Thats sugarcane that tasted good.
Thats cinnamon, thats Hollywood.
C'mon, c'mon no one can see you try.

No one can see you cry.

That sugar cane that tasted good.
That freezing rain, that's what you could.
C'mon, c'mon on no one can see you cry.

This sugarcane
This lemonade
This hurricane, I'm not afraid.
C'mon, c'mon no one can see you cry.

This lightning storm
This tidal wave
This avalanche, I'm not afraid.
C'mon, c'mon no one can see me cry.

That sugar cane that tasted good.
That's who you are, that's what you could.
C'mon, c'mon on no one can see you cry.

That sugar cane that tasted good.
That's who you are, that's what you could.
C'mon, c'mon on no one can see you cry.

You do not know about me.

I love colorful bath towels. 

I am lucky that my cupboard is overflowing with other  articles of clothing. It makes it easier for me not to always think about buying new colorful bath towels, even though my old bath towels are still usable.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Harry vs Voldemort: The rap!!

yo!! YO!!! yo!!

Is it safe to Bank online?

Here are 10 steps consumers to take to make sure their information is safe:
1. Don't talk to cyber-strangers, and don't click on hyperlinks within emails from strangers. "That's the easiest way to download malware to your computer," says McNelley. Even if an email looks like it's from a company you know, such as your bank, go directly to the bank's website and log in there instead of clicking on the embedded link, and never open attachments from strangers (or even suspicious-looking ones from friends, who may have been hacked themselves). Sometimes hackers will set up fake sites that look like real sites to capture victims' information, a method referred to as phishing.
"A financial institution will never contact you via email asking you to verify your funds, request your username or password, or any other sensitive information," says Stephen Sims, senior instructor at the SANS Institute, which educates security professionals.
2. Treat your smartphone like the computer it is. Downloaded apps can contain malicious codes, warns McNelley. "You have no idea who created that app, and very little code-checking goes on," she says. If you're going to download apps, she suggests avoiding or minimizing the financial transactions you make with the smartphone. "Mobile phones are really tiny computers, but most consumers don't treat them as such or get anti-virus software for their smartphone," she adds.
Meanwhile, be sure antivirus software on laptops and desktops is up to date. "Many compromises are a result of keystroke-logging software that is illicitly installed on a user's system, capturing usernames and passwords," says Sims.
3. Treat social networks like dark street corners. You never know who's lurking among your friends and acquaintances. Hackers have targeted Gmail, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and users of those sites should be especially wary of clicking on embedded links, even those "recommended" by friends. Hackers also send emails that appear to be from social networking sites but are, in fact, fake emails designed to capture personal information. Again, users should avoid clicking on links embedded in emails.
4. Use the Net to your own advantage. If you bank online, you don't have to wait until the end of the month to check your statement. You can log in anytime and make sure nothing is amiss. An errant charge is often one of the first signs of identity theft, so check statements carefully and alert your bank immediately of any problems.
5. Get free help. Many credit card issuers offer free and automatic identify-theft protection to customers. (That's one advantage credit cards have over debit cards.) If you see erroneous charges on your statement, call your credit card company, which should investigate on your behalf. The law requires credit card companies to dispute erroneous charges. For most people, paying a monthly fee for extra monitoring services is unnecessary. (Once a year, consumers can get their credit report free of charge through annualcreditreport.com.)
6. Think of a new word. Consumers are tasked with remembering dozens of passwords for various retailers, banks, and accounts, making it almost impossible to remember them all, especially since they often include mixes of numbers and letters. Keep careful track of your passwords in a secure document, rely on mnemonic devices to boost your memory, or come up with some other clever strategy--but don't stick with simple passwords that are easy for strangers to guess. Also, change your passwords on a regular basis.
7. Never, ever give your Social Security number to anyone online. If a site asks for it during the checkout process, it's probably a scam site.
8. Shred or safely store financial mail. Bank statements, investment documents, and other financial paperwork can give thieves clues about account numbers, Social Security numbers, and other personal information. Destroying documents with a cross-cut shredder works, but you can make it easier on yourself (and the environment) by limiting your paper trail wherever possible. Shifting to online banking and document storage can reduce your chances of falling victim to a dumpster diver.
9. Fight back quickly. If you are hacked, step one is calling your bank, says McNelley. That's because banks have sophisticated systems in place that can immediately begin closely monitoring your account for signs of identity theft. They can also and shut down and replace any accounts if necessary. In fact, banks are often the first to notice something amiss, even before the victim.
As long as consumers report fraud in a timely manner, the law limits their liability to between $50 and $500, says Sims.
10. Trust your gut. "You often hear, after consumers used an ATM with a skimming device, they had a bad feeling about it. If you do have that feeling, listen to it," says McNelley, and remove yourself from the situation.
Taking these simple steps is like remembering to lock your door at night, or turn on your alarm system. Says McNelley, "Bad guys go for the house that's unprotected. If you take the basic measures, then generally you have less risk about getting compromised."
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flashback picture

You say gang!!! we say ster!!! Gangster!!!!! Gangster!!!!lol

Lets have a look at this picture. We were all so "innocent" back then. Not a care in the world!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

3 way street

Okay that is seriously scary!!!! I have goosebumps on my back...

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

starry starry night at Gem Island

That is one of the most beautitul video I have ever seen.

random videos


He definitely got nervous

OUCH!!! That is going to hurt....BAD!!!

the Angry Bird for mobile

Friday, June 10, 2011

the birth control pill

Is the birth control pill a good excuse to have extra sexual relationship or it actually stops unwanted pregnancies.

Now there is even a clinical "breakthrough" regarding men's birth control pill .

Male birth control pill soon a reality (MSN news)

I just don't get the whole birth control pill thingy. Abstinence is so outdated and that is so sad.

What is your rationality behind the birth control pill. Your thoughts/comments/feedback please.

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wet cell phone rescue

Step 1: Do NOT turn on the phone
Why do water and smartphones not mix? Because the water shorts out your smartphone's electrical circuits. So whatever you do, don't turn it on to check to see if it still works.
Step 2: Pull out the battery and SIM card
You want to remove anything removeable: Pull out the battery, the SIM card and the memory card, if your phone has one. As long as that battery's in there it's providing power to your phone, and that's what you need to stop immediately.
Some phones, like the iPhone, don't have a removable battery. Unfortunately, you'll just have to skip this step and hope for the best if you dunk one of them.
Step 3: Freshwater rinse
Did you drop your phone in salt water? The salt can corrode your device. So after you pull out the battery and SIM card, immerse your phone in fresh water to rinse out the salt.
Step 4: Dry your phone using compressed air
If you have a compressed air can handy -- the kind that's used to clean computers or keyboards -- run it full-blast all over your phone, with the back cover taken off if you can. A vacuum cleaner also works, even though it's pulling the air in the other direction. As long as it's blowing cool air over those circuits to dry them out, it's all good.
Don't stick your phone in the oven, even on low. The heat can warp your phone's circuits, and melt its internal components. You shouldn't use a blow dryer either, unless it has a heatless setting. A fan might help, but a microwave is out of the question.
Step 5: Cover your phone with uncooked rice
The premise of our experiment was to test if putting a wet phone into a sealed container of rice would actually dry it out, and bring it back form the dead. See, the idea behind the rice is that the dry grains will absorb moisture. So get a sealable plastic container, and fill it with enough rice to cover your smartphone. (A plastic zipper bag will work too, in a pinch.) Then bury your phone in the rice, along with its battery and other parts. You'll want to wait at least 24 hours for the rice to do its job -- Becky waited for 48 hours, in her test.
What would work better than rice? Silica gel, the stuff in those packets that keep new clothes or shoes dry. But most of us don't have a shoebox full of the stuff laying around, so rice will probably have to do. It may get pieces of rice into the crevices and cavities in your smartphone, but this is an emergency, and time is of the essence.
Should you use white or brown rice? It doesn't matter, so long as it's hard and dry and uncooked. You can even use rice from boxed meals like Rice-a-Roni. Just don't add in the seasoning packet, unless you want your phone to smell like mixed vegetables.
Step 6: Turn your phone back on
After you've waited at least 24 hours, it's time for the moment of truth. Reassemble your phone, charge it and try to power it on.
The results of our experiment weren't encouraging: the BlackBerry that Becky tested did restart, with no seeming long-term damage. But the iPhone and the Droid were dead. After two days in the rice and a full battery charge, neither phone came back to life.
One in three may be slim odds. But since water damage isn't covered by most warranties, it can't hurt to try.

I am not a virgin anymore

There has been an issue of late, where a fourteen year old girl by the named of Adinda Evans posted on her blog that she was not a virgin anymore. Some of readers read her entry and give their own thoughts on the matter, and that is when the public backlash was immediate. Her story was even written on the newspaper?

A cheap publicity stunt? Bad parenting? Should we judge her so  harshly? Will she repent? 

My two cents about this:
but one thing is for sure. If you want to do something that is not right, please think of your parents. Don't bring shame to them.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Movie review: X-Men: first class

The movie sees trials and tribulations of mutants and the early origins and relationship between Professor X and Magneto. It also sees the tense and volatile political situation between the American's and Russian and the level of difficulty the mutants face in being accepted by the human community.
Falling away from its formulaic stories from previous franchises, X-Men first class lost a significant amount of its appeal from mostly the disappearance of Wolverine. One thing that was obvious is that the movie is more of the telling a story kind, than a straightforward high octane superhero movie. All you got is a telling of a story of struggles, heartaches and acceptance and how the rivalry better Professor X and Magneto happened.
The acting was good especially for Michael Fassbander. I think he is better that James McAvoy as Professor X. The plot and storyline was good, but it gets pretty overwhelming for a two hour plus movie, as the big action sequences only comes during the last 30 minutes or so of the movie. So you have to be really patient when watching the movie. The story elements are a lot, but the action sequences are now kept to the minimal to convey story.
A good movie to watch. I say so because it departs from the norm of its franchise.

Movie rating: 7/10

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

some don't see it

Some people don't see it, but they are like the leeches that are like parasites, they suck the life out of others. Sad really....

fresh milk

Bought a bottle of "fresh milk" from seven eleven and one thing that struck me the most is how a bottle of fresh milk can last up till 26.11.11. Amazing huh?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Please dial again!!

Just having a conversation at a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet with my sister and I think she said something that was logical in my book.

"We tend to forget hand-phone or house phone number because we don't dial them numbers anymore. We just go to the phone book and dial the numbers instead of keying them in".

I think that it is kind of true. When we used old house phones or when we used a public phone before there is an invention called the mobile phone, we hum the number, we say out loud the number, when we dial the number up. With the repetition of humming and saying out loud the number, we tend to remember the number while dialing up the number from the mobile phone book directly. Your thoughts on this?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

random videos

Fan takes a tumble

One of my all time favourite song.

that it such a loser of a dad!!! boo!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the lack of 01

What is lacking in this generation is the common courtesy to say thank you and the common courtesy to be thankful for each and every day and for anything that is and is about to be given.

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