Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The year that was 2008

In chronological order starting from:
(Brother's sister's appreciation day-19th January 2008)


Sunburst Music Festival 
15th March 2008

26 awesome music acts to fill your music tastebuds 

parliement funkadelic rocking down the house with their superb showmanship. Below: John Legend doing his thing with his repertoire of music.


Kuantan YA connect
( 15th April 2008)
 The worship team that lead  the worship for one of the youth events at Christian Praise Centre, a church at Kuantan.


Interfaith talk forum 15 
2nd July 2008 
CFMMU CyberJaya Trip
(5th July )
Bon Odori 
(12th July )  
Matsushita Stadium
40 days prayer and fast
@Calvary Life Assembly Church 
25th July 


Passion Kuala Lumpur 
3rd August 2008 
Sunway convention centre .

Penang Trip
5 til 8th August 2008 

This was my third time on this island trip and Penang still rock socks to the max.
This time my travel partners were Mr Ong Kee Weng and Mr Edmund Cheong. Crazy bunch of people to go around Penang with.Ohhh yeah forgot the gay ipanema moment. LoL  

Andrew's awesome birthday "bash"
12th August 2008 


Lang Tengah gateaway
5 til 6th September 2008 

The bunch of people I get to meet on this trip was totally awesome. It was my first time snorkelling too.(which I need to work on lah)


Another Christmas Thingy: The Given Gift 
9th December 2008

One thing to describe the experience . Awesome!! and Worth it!!

Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol at KLPac 
13th December 2008

My first ever trip to KL performing arts centre and the show was awesome. Come guys!!! Let's support the local theather scene !!

30th December 2008 marks the day when we bid our farewell to our beloved YAC . Will always hold dear the sweet memories that I had at the place.

Year 2008 was indeed a bittersweet year for me. May the year 2009 be a year of more opportunities and peace. 

adios 2008!!!! 

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A place that I will always cherish

Where unity is forged even with other different Christian denominations 

Where friendships are made and where it met

Where God living word lives.

But yeah even though it's sad to leave all the good things behind , but I guess God has really a plan and a purpose for us, for He had  open the  doors for us to have Cf registered as an official religious society with the Chinese and the Catholic CF as well . With that I personally feel that is is time to press on with what is install for us in the future that God has plan for us in the campus. 

Thank you God for you are faithful. 
Thank You God for providing us our needs. 
Thank You God for anwering our prayers. 
and lastly thank You for opening doors so wide and giving us  so many opportunities  to serve You in so many ways in the Cf

Exciting year 2009 ahead for our MMUCS 

Matthew 19: 26 With man this is impossibble, but with God all things are possibble 

Sunday, December 28, 2008

in the deep nature of girls

I  just came  back from shopping with the girls just now and after getting the clothes they need for whatever reasons it is, one of them ask me this???:

Xionbloop: Why yeah it's the girls who have the urged to shopped but not the guys?

Well my responds was this: Well I think it's  in the very deep inner nature of  girls to need to shop or have the urge to shop because they need to look pretty??

Maybe lah kan??You tell me??

Saturday, December 27, 2008

When hamburgers attack!!

With a cheesy book title and an even cheesy book illustration to go with it.
I find it rather amusing. Do you??

My spirit went to an all time low

It was meant to be a cool movie, and it was totally not . The movie was so bland and it was so slow that even Pak Cik Samad's Volkswagen goes faster then this movie. I was given it some hope of redeeming itself , but the hope frazzles as the movie progresses and when it reaches towards the end.*Sighs*

I was ready to give out the award for "the Worst movie of the year 2008 " to the movie, "The Day the earth stood still", but I guess I was wrong

Mr Frank Miller please don't kill us again with your nonsense and since Mr Octopus has a thing for eggs, I give you Mr Miller,an egg for this "masterpiece" of yours. Good riddance .

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Confuse manufacturers

Cups also have orgasms okay !!!! Don't play play

Out of porpotion frog, blowfish and cow. Even the color scheme of these animals are out

Meet from clockwise Mr fatty Chicken, Mr Fatty Anteater , Mr Barney the green dinosaur and Miss fatty Pig

and lastly the toy that defies logic and understanding:

A slim cut peguin even the girls will go envy.

Merry Christmas everyone

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

prosperity licking good

Prosperity burger ready to be eaten
my friend's portion.
how the burger looks like after the unwrapping,
and this happens afterwards

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

and the winner is ????

Congratulations Miss Shih Wen for winning the guessing game contest. As promise a gift for you. For the rest it was nice seeing all your effort in taking part in this exciting game.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

guess who is that ??

The first person who can guess this person correctly will get a special gift from me. Good luck.

p.s only valid if you written your answer on the comment area below this post.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

thanks for trying this

feared by many for being super unhygienic for a place to eat. Anyways want to congratulate my friend for trying out one of the digusting food items offered there. Guess wat???

Renee Tiun a.k.a Miss Cho- lo, I am so proud of you for trying this. You are officially a certified escargot eater.

When a ninja is an optimist

For more cool ninja comic humour, visit

Words of the day

Phoon and spock
- Debbie Yong

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The one they called Mee Bodoh

This place got rave reviews for it's simple noodle dish called, "Mee Bodoh". Don't ask me why it is called mee bodoh, I just have no idea. You see there is this one Malay shop somewhere along the road heading to Klebang Beach and back to Melaka Town. This place was recommended by my sister's colleague at work, and I tell you being my first time there, I got a shock of my life. Why??:

[This particular queue was at somewhat around 10am plus in the morning.Amazing.]

[The crowd. Cina ada, Indian ada dan Melayu pun ada]

Okay, was out of the world wasn't the fried noodles but it's was because of the awesome sambal
they provided with of course, a fried egg. The level of spiciness was just nice and it really goes well with the noodles(The noodles are just your ordinary fried noodles) . It was so good I had two plates lah!!.

Anyone care to join me for a plate of noodles they called "bodoh"?

the ring that makes us in awe

The most jaw dropping discovery ever on Malaysian soil.

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