Sunday, February 28, 2010

in the heat of situation

What is this you might ask?

is small green beans+ loh han guo.

Good for a hot weather such as this.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

11 tips for cutting down the number of things you buy

by Gretchen Rubin

Some people buy too much, some people buy too little. That’s theoverbuyer / underbuyer split.

Overbuyers are often anxious about all the money they’ve spent and the stuff they’ve accumulated, so they can use some tips on cutting down on the number of things they buy.

But as an underbuyer myself, I can say that we underbuyers, paradoxically, also sometimes buy too much. Because we hate to shop, once we’re in a store and forced to make a purchase, we have the urge to try to do as much as possible at one time, to avoid having to make another trip. Items start flying through the air into the cart. As one friend said of me, “You turn into a drive-buy shopper, once you get going!”

These tips should help both overbuyers and underbuyers to buy only what they need.

1. Pay cash.

2. Buy small items first. When you buy an expensive item, it’s easy to toss in unthinkingly a lot of smaller items alongside it – items that you might have otherwise have spent a lot of time considering, and which add up to a lot of $$$. So pick out smaller items first, then the larger item. Buy the software, the mouse, the mousepad, and the other bits and bobs, then choose the computer.

3. Don’t buy too much at one time. If you’re buying too many things, you stop paying attention to what you’re getting.

4. Don’t buy anything at a bargain store that you haven’t bought before at full price.

5. Before paying, review each of your purchases with a skeptical eye. Don’t buy anything you’re not sure you want and can use – this is particularly important with clothes.

6. Don’t tell yourself, “I can always return it”; remind yourself, “I can come back if I decide I need it.”

7. Make a list and stick to it.

8. Don’t buy anything that needs to be a specific size unless you KNOW the measurements you need.

9. Don’t shop when you’re hungry.

10. Be very skeptical of anything that’s on sale.

11. If you don’t shop, you don’t buy. Stay out of stores.

Happy(Belated) Birthday Elisha

One birthday boy
One tube of toothpaste
Herbal or muscle cream paste
Liquid eyeliner
A lot of love

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the Malacca Chinese New Year

CHinese New Year
18th February 2010
James Chong residents
the gathering
the makan(eating)
celebrating the February birthday babies
the babies
the awesome chocolate cake

Kee Weng sneaking away with James's motorcycle
Joshua so shy *AHEM!!*

the official prawn whackers!
Not complete without the crackers of a different kind

the fireworks holder/launcher?

the firepeople

the most epic picture......below.....

renee: Apalahrrrrrrrrr!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the two island trip

Short introduction before I continue this post.

Journey starts from:
Melaka - LCTA(Low cost terminal airport), KL- 9.30pm til 11.30pm
KL to Alor Setar 9 hours- 12.00am til 9.30pm

Langkawi Island
(13th- 16th February 2010)

The hotel we stayed in Langkawi

Boarded a ferry to Langkawi. Wasn't nice at all. A tip for those who get sick sick easily. try standing up instead of seating down when riding the ferry.

ok so we reached the island at about 1pm or 2pm-ish. So the first question on our minds were. Where to go?The answer: Whatever is on the way and interesting to look at we shall go. So the first stop was:

Mahsuri Mausoleum

Dinner was nearing so we manage to find this Chinese restaurant called Lucky Restaurant sorry was so hungry, so didn't manage to get a decent picture of the dishes that we had. the steamed fish was awesome!

Next day:Underwater World Langkawi

went for lunch as you can see the shop is located at a junction

After we went to this looking point overlooking the Langkawi airport...

waiting for the plane?

after that, we headed to this place that was said to be the grounds of the burn rice fields
to the marina we went...

mum and dad

it was nice to see all the boats hanging around at the docking area. It's just to expensive to own one though.

next location: Geopark

the view from the cable car

not really a good outing at by the time we reach the top, the sunset was gone and the skybridge was closed =(

dinner at KFC. Juicier+ bigger portions

Dataran Lang

Boarded a much better ferry back to the Kedah jetty. Next stop.....


(16th February til 17th February 2010)

The view from Hotel Grand Continental

We tried heading to Penang Hill but the latest tickets that were sold are for the 830pm slot. So the next best thing was Kek Lok Si Temple.
Kuan Yin under a roof

All those smart China engineers

the awesome food for dinner. The shop is next to Tune Hotel.

ayer hitam assam laksa

Only the brave will eat at such a place as this.

Next morning.

Bukit Bendera/Penang Hill

send my parents to the Bayan Lepas airport

after that it was a 6- 8 hours drive back from Penang to Malacca.

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