Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy fasting to all my Muslim readers.

pickled my fancy

My Pastor from church gave me this jar of pickled ginger when we were eating lunch for today. Now, I am scratching my head on what to do with it (besides eating it just like that). The other idea I had was tuna or chicken sandwich with pickled ginger.

Guys. Do you have any ideas besides the ideas that I have right now?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Movie review: Captain America

It might be off putting to some, with the American sentiment that is in the movie. It looks like a recruiting advertisement for the army( that was my first impression of the movie).
Alright, so moving along, the story revolves around Steve Rogers as a sickly and frail New Yorker from Brooklyn. He has enlisted himself in army, but apparently  is rejected due to his shortcomings. Eventually, he was put onto an experiment, and at the end, he turned from  scrawny and frail from , to a super buff and super strong moments after he is injected with a serum. His aim is to defeat the Red Skull played by the awesome Hugo Weaving, who is hellbent on causing destruction and taking over the world.
The characters in the movie are enjoyable. I especially love Hugo Weaving interpretation of the villain  the Red Skull. He is super nasty in there. Who does not love Hugo Weaving as a baddie, right? ( I am going to kick your butt if you don't. As for Chris Evans, I feel he is a little bit stiff here and not as witty and comical as his previous foray being superheroes(think Johnny Storm a.k.a The Human Torch) but its okay, he is a soldier, so he definitely needs to be serious all the time. 
Honestly, if you were to dissect this movie thoroughly, this movie has nothing new to offer in term of the story telling, its very predictable and straight forward. 
Don't be expected to be wow-ed or be amazed at the story? Is it a great movie, the answer is no. Is it a bad movie, not at all. Will I ask you to watch the movie, of course, because it is a fun movie to watch. It not entirely bad. It a watchable movie at the end of the day.
It seriously better as a popcorn movie.

Movie rating: 6/10

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Roller Coaster 02

You remember the awesome roller coaster in Japan in the previous blog entry, which now holds the title, ' The world steepest roller coaster in the world'. Well that got me thinking, why not do entries about roller coasters around the world. Well for today's entry, I will be covering on the world's faster roller coaster in Abu Dhabi!!

The Formula Rossa

Top speed 240 kph

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

You do not know about me.02

Okay if there is one thing you didn't know about me is that, I love to eat anything that is related to liver or intestines. I particularly love eating chicken liver.

*Pictures for illustration purposes only*

There  is something about chicken liver that I adore a lot. I think its the minerall taste quality to it or the coarse texture once it gets into your mouth. Or maybe its the fact that is simply cheap to eat.

 Oh yummy

 One of my favourite ways to eat chicken liver. Fried of course.

The Piece de Resistance!! Oui!!!!

I can't help it!!! Help me!!!!

how bout you? do you like eating liver?

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super mario vs zombies

If any of you play Plants vs. Zombies, you would definitely understand where this video is going.LoL 

Friday, July 22, 2011

they have done it again

Do you know a few months back where I did an entry regarding China's affinity on copying items and sale them in the market. Well, if you have forgotten, well here is the entry:

Apparently, there are 3 so called genuine Apple stores popping up in 3 locations in  China. The news got out once a blogger named Birdabroad posted an entry one of the fake Apple shops.

All pictures are of

The original article can be found at:

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

222 winners

This was the amount of winners she hit, on her way to win the Wimbledon title. Amazing right?

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Bad goalkeeper

Mr Goal Keeper. I think you need to quit your job now and get a better one. You suck and your are lazy as goalkeeper.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

still finger lickin good?

Goodness me, where the the integrity of the workers went to. Did Mr Mohammad Alwi decided to put the wages and the salaries of the workers inside his already big fat wallet. Maybe he bullied his workers and out of retaliation, they did that. 
Overall the apology look totally fake and insincere. He could have just apologize from his heart and not from a cue card. (stupid idiot).

More on the story:

fat cat

they got swag babeh!!


Who do you think danced it better?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Your my freaking hero!!!

You will never walk along unknown Manchester United Fan. Liverpool got no balls, retaliating in an unfair manner. Kinda childish on both sides though. No wonder we have world wars, civil wars and in between. I am kind of surprise that it didn't turn out to be a big physical brawls you see in England. Really surprise.

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monsters inside me

Humans with breast, BEWARE!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Steepest roller coaster

Main Feature: 121 degree vertical drop (Confirmed by Guiness World Record as the Steepest in the world)
Ride Duration: 112 seconds
Price tag: $40 million ($11.75 per ride)

copycat homes

Home inspired by "The Simpsons".
Photo: Scott Jones |Inset: Fox Broadcasting Company

Year Built: 1997
Price when new: $120,000
Square footage: 2,182
Bedrooms / baths: 4 / 2

Home inspired by Pixar's movie, "Up".
Photo: | Inset: Pixar Animation Studios
Year Built: 2011
Price: not for sale
Square footage: 2,800
Bedrooms / baths: 4 / 3.5

Home inspired by the movie "Halloween".
Photo: | Inset: Compass International
Year Built: 2009
Price: undisclosed
Square footage: 1,900
Bedrooms / baths: 3 / 2.5

Home inspired by The White House.
Photo: |Inset:

Year Built: 1995
Price: $4,650,000
Square footage: 12,020
Bedrooms / baths: 6 / 8

Get a life dude

I friend talk to me recently, and she told me that someone got  hold of her pictures and created a Facebook account under the same pictures, masquerading as my friend and being an imposter. Bunch of no-life losers......

Friday, July 15, 2011

Movie Review: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows 2

After 7 movies that span a decade, Harry Potter is back to finish the mission that he is asked to do, which is to destroy the hocruxes which is parts of Lord Voldermort and to kill him once and for all.
 No time is wasted here as the story starts from the moment the The Dark Lord steals the Elder wand from the deceased Dumbledore.( Part two continues from there)
The mood throughout the movie was somber and intensely dark. The once cheerful Hogwarts has turn to dark and gloom, as Lord Voldermort is relentless at pursuing his quest to kill Harry and whoever is getting on his way. Gone are the days of  Harry and friend's happier exploits and adventure during the earlier parts of the series. Now the landscape has changed and this is proven by the PG13 rating which the movie is given.
 Giving what was at stake, British director, David Yates manages to crank up a few more notches of dark, scary, intense, and despair in a very fluid manner throughout the whole movie. Thrown in, are the cleverly place jokes to lighten up the tense and somber moments. . His vision and his storytelling is so immense, you're going to be involve in the ups and downs of the character from the start to the finish. 
The cinematography of this movie is beautiful as well. All the camera sequences are shot in a way that it conveys the chaos that is happening around the movie. David Yates also did a good job and tying up the loose ends, just like what J.K. Rowling did in her books. David did really do justice to this last one. I am really happy with it.
In everything that is good in a movie, there is always some bad thing that will be going on. The most obvious of them all is how the those that stood by Harry got so little screen time. Hagrid is only seen at the very last portion of the movie. But the again after seven movie, who cares. We have seen them enough to know that its okay for them to have little screen time. The surprise package in the movie was Matt Lewis. Neville in all his shortcomings, has become a central part in this particular movie.
All in all, it was a totally satisfying movie. It really hit the right note for me in all aspect. A great way to end one of the most beloved story in literature.
All is indeed well.

P.S: I am not bias when reviewing this as I have read the books myself.

Movie rating: 9.5/10
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Saya nak Tiket David Archuleta Percuma Dari Darkbatman

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Be flexible please

My opinion:
Can you change a nation by just doing this poll along?
I don't think so. Everyone is brought up differently since young. So old and disgusting habits are hard to change.

Even that is so, when you find a disgusting habit or practices on another country, should you assume that most of the people are disgusting?
No, I feel that is being bias and unfair to the rest of the population who are not disgusting. What might not be weird to that country might be weird and disgusting to others. So and the end of the day,  you just have to deal with it.

Your thoughts or opinion?

Improv everywhere: King Phillip the fourth

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Monday, July 11, 2011

All was well

Here is a video from fellow blogger Smashpop during the premier in UK.

good turn bad

My case study of things turn from good to bad today is none other than movie director/producer M. Night. Shyamalan.

I always admired movie directors that can give compelling stories for viewers to watched. When a viewer watches a movie theater, the movie should be able to imprint a long positive lasting impression on our emotions, and psyche. 

The turning point of his movie making career is when he directed the supernatural, jaw dropping, ending twisting The Sixth Sense. It was the start of other films to employ the twist ending technique( but most failed). It gave Haley Joel Osment an oscar nomination for Best actor in a supporting role.

More mind bending supernatural themed movies came after that, namely Unbreakable and Signs. It solidifies M. Night.Shyamalan as a bonafide movie director.

I even put him into my heart as one of my favourite movie directors of all time. I mean who does not like his mysterious, twisted ending in all the movies that he directs. I know I did.

When all things are that good, there must be a low point in a movie directors portfolio. I thought The Village was a mediocre movie. The twist ending at the movie is getting a tad to stale, but it was watchable nonetheless. The movie that I don't like the most was Lady in the water. The  movie was tacky, and cheesy
Sadly everything went even further into the drain as he came out again with another self conscious environmental movie about revenge seeking plants titled The Happening

The twist ending plots in his movies are getting old. He is not one of my favourite directors any more. Do something new Mr Shyamalan.
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

random videos

That is the funniest reaction to a gift ever!!!

And kids.... remember!!!Don't try that at home!!!

Shake that tail feather girl!!!

Now, that's a TIGHT squeeze!!!

taking the right turn indeed!!


Bringing the term fast talker into another whole new level

Friday, July 8, 2011



Narrator: …when in fact this person who we are presenting considers himself a globetrotter, and also assures us that he can see the future and bring the dead back to life.

Fua Guy (0:15): You, you want to be a badass, but you try to sink others for yourself.

Fua Guy (0:25): This guy will live more years than you or me combined.

Fua Guy (0:31): I can’t do it, I can’t do it! But I’m going to take out the Fua! And I will take it out. Why? Because I have to give the extra FUA strong character. I go and I take it out.

Fua Guy (0:50): The FUA means when you extract the character/discipline from your stomach and you say, “I will do it". “But I can’t, I can’t, I can’t”. How can you not? FUAFUA! And then I take out the charater and I take out the strength and power as well. That is the Fua.

Fua Guy (1:22): It doesn’t matter what you do or have, the most important thing is to give extra, the FUAFUAmeans to give extra. The, the thing that projects TO the universe, that’s what it is.

Fua Guy (1:56): When a person is dead and you’re told: “THAT’S IT, leave him he’s dead”…NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! FUAFUAFUA! and you will revive him. And WHEN that person is of service to society, that is when you give the FUA. When you do FUA, that is the real FUA.. 

Fua Guy (2:28): When you give Fua, that is the real Fua.

Narrator: These unusual situations are what goes on while you’re sleeping, and fortunately some of these stories end with nothing to lament.


more on the origins of this video:

book house

A 557-square-foot home dubbed the Shelf Pod in Osaka Japan

The article:

This would be any booklover's dream. EHHEHEHHEEHeheheh

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

URGGHH!!!! for UGGS!!!!


Inspired by the following conversation on Facebook:

ooooh now only I know what UGG boots are! (its ugly)
July 2 at 10:41pm ·  · 

  • 2 people like this.

    • C.O:  but oh so comfortable!! very much like crocs - only for cold climates!
      July 2 at 11:17pm · 

    • K W:  oh realli ? i shud try it out at the store lol
      July 2 at 11:21pm · 

    • C.O:  although, it only looks good for girls, guy wearing uggs only means - utter gayness! Haha
      July 2 at 11:22pm ·  ·  1 person

    • K W: i said TRY not BUY! hahaha... never in my life i'd buy it gosh!
      July 2 at 11:23pm · 

    • C O: you might be so tempted to buy it just to hold it as you sleep...soo comfy! ( that way, not one will know!) ;P
      July 2 at 11:33pm · 

    • K W: lolx thinking bout it gives me butterflies d >.<
      Sunday at 6:57pm · 

    • E S: oi! Ugg rocks ok! tho they are ugly! :P
      Monday at 12:22am · 

    • K W: cmon. even the name is UGG -> ugly!
      if the name is PRT -> maybe pretty la hehe

      Monday at 6:05am · 

    • E S:A i lurve uggs!!!! they are so warm and nice!!!!
      Monday at 10:52pm · 

    • K W: wanna cu wear em when we meet in KL k =)
      2 hours ago · 

    • S A T: i think someone needs to marry those uggs...ahahaha
      34 minutes ago · 

    • K W: yes E S
      32 minutes ago · 

    • S A T: UGGs= ugly gory garish shoe=OMG!!! it fits....
      27 minutes ago · 

    • S A T :and i pity P P
      15 minutes ago · 

    • K W: lols

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