Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fishy celebration

getting the reading groove back

I finally got myself of copy of this book on paperback as the hardcover ones are expensive. Need to get my reading groove back. Let's see if this book is as good as his previous ones.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Backstreet boys in the car

Some funny video of my friends on the way back home. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the biggie patty

As far as I love my food, this is really something out of this world a 190 pound burger. As normal human size huge ass of a burger in the city of Detroit. No thanks but I love my arteries a lot to get myself into this monstrosity of a patty.  

YUCKS!! DIGUSTING!!! but to watch where they suffer eating it... 

Blue October: 18th Floor Balcony

I am kind of a soapy head when it comes to music, but yeah, this awesomeness of a song is from a band called Blue October. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the left hand, right hand?

Ever  wondered why is that when you are using a predominant hand to do things, let's say you eat while holding a spoon but you grab hold or peal an orange skin or a rambutan skin with your left hand instead, while your right hand, you predominant one just holds it? I peel the flesh of a fish using my left hand and put it in my mouth

okay let go to a link to explain stuff as I am not really an expert when it comes to this.

AHaha...was inspired to write this entry while I was peeling the skins of a bunch of rambutans. Guess I need to practice more then.

Monday, July 19, 2010

salt and sugar and everything nice?

I was eating lunch . Somewhere I couldn't remember. This sudden thought came into my mind and got me thinking?
What if there is no salt and suger at all on this earth? What would you do?

 ice-cream lover who loves their ice-cream sweet will scream in agony. While the average person who loves their coffee thick and sugarless will rejoice.A creme brulee recipe will be a bland creme brulee recipe and a nice piece chocolate cake would be....hrmmm should I say here...
A sweet sourish tom yam soup would be lost without a dash of salt. We Malaysian will not have salted fish and so on....Obviously our sense of what is salty will go on retirement forever. 
On the's healthier eating that way I guess

Sunday, July 18, 2010

movie review: Inception

I just came back from watching Inception and honestly it was totally draining to the brain. I mean that in a good way actually. There are so many things happening in this movie that you would not like to get your focus off. First there is this guy named Don Cobb(leonardo dicaprio) who goes into people dream and steals them. When an extracter manages to extract a certain information, the information is stored in a safe or vault like area.
A conglomerate named Saito played by ken watanabe is asking Don Cobb and his team to infiltrate the mind of his competition named Robert Fischer Junior( Cilliam Murphy). In this team there is a point man named Arthur(Joseph Gordan Levitt), the architect name Ariadne(Ellen Page), the chemist named Yusuf(Dileep Rao) and the forger named Eames( Tom Hardy). The team is not ask to steal information but to literally plant one in the dreamer's mind. Along the way, layers and layers of truth and what inception is all about is explain as the movie goes deeper.
First of all, I have to be honest here when I say that this is a complicated movie. Chris Nolan likes bringing a seemingly ordinary movie with a mind blowing plot and storyline. Kudos for that. Other than that, the movie doesn't really tells how the characters that are in their movie get their training for their specific field. I would like to know though.
Bear in mind that there were only a few scenes which involves big set pieces. It won't make you go, " WOAH!! Look at that!!!", but it really enhances the dream within a dream, reality or non reality concept of the film.
Notable actors in this movie includes the cool assistant to Cobb played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, the wife played by Oscar winner Marion Cotillard and architect played by Ellen Page. 
A really complex movie with lots of layers to explore, Inception is throughly and enjoyable movie and a refreshing one indeed. HIghly recommended to watch. 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Music CD Giveaway: Akon vs. K'naan contest

I am positively sure that K'naan song is an embodiment of the spirit and the essence of The World Cup 2010. What I like about K'naan song is how it relates to the spirit of chasing dreams even though facing hard times.

"But we struggling, fighting to eat

And we wondering, when we'll be free

So we patiently wait for that faithful day

It's not far away but for now we say"

The songs also tells us not to give up hope in troubled times and to be united whatever the situation is. Be united in love.

"So many wars, settling scores

Bringing us promises, leaving us poor

I heard them say 'love is the way'

'Love is the answer,' that's what they say"

 It is certainly an uplifting song from the moment the song starts playing and it is really what Africa is, a fighting, free spirited continent that does not give up when the odds are stack against them.That is why, in my opinion,  Waving Flag by K'naan is the right song for FIFA 2010 World Cup

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Malaysia hosting the world cup

from left: Dato Soh Chin Aun, Santokh Singh, James Wond and Hassan Sani

Why Malaysia shouldn't host the world cup:
 The pros:

  • We are going to bring in an influx of monetary gains for the economy as well as promoting Malaysia as an awesome holiday destination 

the cons:

  • We have not been doing great in terms of improving our football team performances in the local and Asean tournaments.
  • Our government has been bias in developing sports outside of our country. Only a handful of sports get the recognition.(e.g. Squash and badminton are only a handful of sports that the athletes are send overseas to train)
  • Our football team has been playing the game just for the sake of making some money to bring back to their respective families. Gone are the days when the Malaysian football team go all out playing for our country Malaysia. In other words TAK ADA SEMANGAT!!!( Don't have the will). I have heard so much of the days when Malaysia football legends such as Dato Soh Chin Aun, Santokh Singh, James Wong and Hassan Sani played. I heard that our Malaysian team also qualified for the 1980 Olympics. Now it seems like a very distant memory obviously.

Why Malaysia is able to host the Commonwealth games if you are asking? It is because we have good results in some of the games that give us credibility to host. Who would in the right mind give Malaysia to host the world cup.Until we do well in the international stages, I am strongly against Malaysia hosting the world cup. Jangan buat malu boleh tak( Don't humiliate can or not?)

the passing the ball test

tell me what you did see and did not see in the comment section below

Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup 2010 in a glance

Paul the oracle has won the battle of predicting the winner of the world cup. Congratulations!!. Spain won the World Cup with a 1-0 victory over the Netherlands. While we celebrate all things World Cup, lets look back at what happened during the duration of the whole tournament. 

the top  moment of FIFA world cup 2010 in no particular  order:


the most awesome fail goal keeping that I have seen so far


the waka waka controversy


Awesome refereeing during the World Cup. Kudos mate!!! 


The horrifying truth and controversy surrounding the vuvuzelas during the World Cup 



Blame it on the WAGs, girlfriend and ex-girlfriend


Paul the Oracle

Mani the parakeet

Sunday, July 11, 2010

blast from the past:the ketchup song

Mira lo que se avecina a la vuelta de la esquina
viene Diego rumbeando
con la luna en las pupilas
y su traje agua marina
va después de contrabando
Y donde mas no cabe un alma
Y se mete a darse caña
Poseído por el ritmo ragatanga
y el dj que lo conoce toca el himno de las 12
para Diego la canción más deseada
y la baila!!!
y la goza!!
y la cantaaaaaaaa!!!
(3 veces)
aserejé ja deje
dejebe tu jerebe
semi noba majabi
ande bugui ande güidibidi

no es cosa de brujería
que lo encuentre to los días
por donde voy caminando
Diego tiene chulería y ese punto de alegría
Y donde mas no cabe un alma
Y se mete a darse caña
Poseído por el ritmo ragatanga
y el dj que lo conoce toca el himno de las 12
para Diego la canción más deseada
y la baila!!!
y la goza!!
y la cantaaaaaaaa!!!
(3 veces)
aserejé ja deje
dejebe tu jerebe
semi noba majabi
ande bugui ande güidibidi

(pausa por musica)

(8 veces)
aserejé ja deje
dejebe tu jerebe
semi noba majabi
ande bugui ande güidibidi 

blast from the past: a dios le pido

Saturday, July 10, 2010

the dancing baby, the parakeet and an octopus

the final showdown:
An octopus picks Spain to win the world cup while a parakeet name Mani picks Holland....
Stay tune!!!....

and meanwhile, the samba dancing baby...
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Friday, July 9, 2010

the ice-cream incident: the million dolar question

I was heading to this bakery after having my lunch at this row of foodcourts at Gajah Berang,
I was inside the bakery, picking my choices of bread and scones and all and head to the counter for payment like any normal customer when a sudden question took me by surprise and literally speechless.

Me: Eh aunty do you still sell the ice-cream

Aunty behind the counter: Yeah we still selling. Are you eating in or are you packing?

Me: Oh ..just pack aunty.....vanilla flavour ar aunty.

Aunty behind the counter: *starts punching in numbers at the cash register* ...after it is done, she proceeds by filling the ice-cream cone with vanilla ice-cream.... 

Gets back to the counter and before she passed me the ice-cream, she proceeds with the million dollar question:

Aunty: Eh boy!!???! You not scare get fat ar eating that???

Me: *________________________________*

*continue smiling at the aunty while still not being able to give her an answer*..gets the ice-cream and plastic bag full of buns and all, hands her the cash and quickly finds exit.

laughing after exiting the bakery....still speechless......

Russell Peters and the worldcup

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Paul the oracle octopus

Wikipedia: Paul the Octopus

Some news on Paul the octopus:
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the slimmest hotel

Must be the slimmest hotel in Malaysia so far

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

roti bawang senyum

my friend's custom made roti bawang senyum

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wimbledon 2010 in a glance.

Men's Singles Champion:
Rafael Nadal

Women's Singles Champion:
Serena Williams

Men's Doubles Champion:
Jurgen Melzer and Phillipp Petzschner

Women's Doubles Champion:
Vania King and Yaroslava Shvedova

Mix Doubles Champion:
Leander Paes and Cara Black

Boy's Singles Champion:
Marton Fucsovics

Girl's Singles Champion:
Kristyna Pliskova

Boy's Doubles Champion:
Liam Broady and Tom Farquharson

Girl's Doubles Champion:
Timea Babos and Sloane Stephens

Other notable achievement from the Championships
Serena Williams serve the most aces throughout her entire run in the Championships

89 aces

The longest match in history was played by John Isner of the United versus Nicholas Mahut of France. It involves:

11 hours 5 minutes of play spanning 3 days

6-4, 3-6, 6-7(9-7), 7-6(7-3), 70-68
(183 games in total)

more on the longest match in tennis history: Wimbledon 2010

the 4th of july blastoff

Monday, July 5, 2010

sully's song playlist as of july 5th 2010

Artiste: Juannes
Song: La Camisa Negra
Song: Male Gante

Artiste: Mana
Song: Bendita Tu Luz

Artiste: Ok Go
Song: Here it goes again

Artiste: Ne-yo
Song: Mad

Artiste: Kelly Clarkson
Song: Walk Away

Artiste: Sam Sparro
Song: Black and Gold

Artiste: Adele
Song: Chasing Pavement

Artiste: Owl City
Song: Dental Care

Artiste Blue October
Song:18th Floor Balcony

this is so far the songs I am looping for today. some funny, some sad and some are mellow and some are upbeat..

Saturday, July 3, 2010

in the news

in the news:

Sir Mick Jagger ..a jinx?

18 memory tricks

21 things hiring managers wish you knew:

Brazil out of world cup

The spy saga continues:

Hey soul sister is the biggest selling song of the first half of 2010

The robofish

Correlation between pregnant drinking and sperm

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