Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dakota Lapse

We are not dumb, you are!!

Me peeps and I were on our way to town. We are using the public bus as a mean of transportation as it is a cheaper way to go about. We hope into the bus. The bus driver decided to take a break. Not long after that,   passengers started filling in the bus and there were also a group of European tourist( a total of four of them) women.
there were supposed to check in at cheap budget hotel in town called Kota Lodge Hotel at Kota Laksamana.
Supposed to stop before a traffic light at the junction going into Jalan Kota Laksamana.
We supposed to stop at the curb before the traffic light and walk into the  Jalan Kota Laksaman junction to get to the budget hotel

but was caught up due to the fact the the girls got to wear/carry their huge backpack.(is not their fault they carried such big backpacks, they are tourists for goodness sake). The bus driver didn't stop but instead waited at the traffic light. After the traffic light again we decided to come down. I pressed the bell once but the  bus driver never stopped.

The bus driver decided not to stop.Heading towards the mall

After reaching Mahkota Parade Shopping mall. He asked for the bus fees, but i told him my friend had paid him. before I got down he told me this," Kawan-kawan awak itu, bebal lah!!"  (Your friends are such idiots).
I know, an African guy press the button a few times. I pressed it once. We all wanted to get down there and  at the end you called my friend idiot/dumb??
I had to apologize to the European tourist because they had to walk so far if they wanted to get to their lodging. Their plans might have been disrupted too because of that incident. 
I am okay for the fact that the bus driver might be irritated because the bell was pressed many times,  but you didn't even stop for us and we really wanted to get down, but I am pissed  because he called us dumb for no apparent reason. We don't deserved that at all.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

bulldozing through traffic

Harrowing experience. There was a bulldozer that was squeezing through  some traffic that apparently stopped because of the red light ahead. It wobbled from side to side, almost causing the car next to it to be scratched/punctured by the bulldozer's blade.
the driver must be cocky, insane or a risk taker. Wouldn't want to imagine what will happen if the bulldozer's blade scratches the car?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

the jam out of no where

My sister and I was in the car heading toward a church meeting I had to attend to at 2pm. There was a weird feeling that traffic was extra heavy this afternoon. It was about 1.30 pm that time when we were stucked. We took a hard look around and to our amazement, the traffic jam was everywhere?
We were contemplating to take a different route to divert ourselves from the jam. It was futile. The jam got a  whole on us. 
I found out later that this was the problem:

they blardy close the road for the Le Tour De Malacca cyclist to get by at the expense of the road users.

*pictures courtesy of Yee Shean Tai*

Visit her blog at:

Friday, February 24, 2012

the backscratcher

A backscratcher (occasionally known as a scratch-back) is a tool used, as the name would suggest, for relieving itches for areas that cannot easily be reached just by one's own hands, typically the back.

They are generally long slender rod-shaped tools, with a knob on one end for holding and a rake-like device, sometimes in the form of a human hand, on the other end to perform the actual scratching. Though a backscratcher could feasibly be fashioned from most materials, most modern backscratchers are made of plastic, though examples can be found made of wood, whalebone, tortoiseshell, horn, cane, bamboo or occasionally ivory. Backscratchers vary in length between 12 and 24 ins. (30–60 cm.).

The first backscratchers were used by the Inuit and were carved from whale teeth. However, in recent history it was unquestionably also employed as a kind of rake to keep in order the huge "heads" of powdered hair worn by ladies in the 18th and 19th centuries.
In the past, backscratchers were often highly decorated, and hung from the waist as accessories, with the more elaborate examples being silver-mounted, or in rare instances with an ivory carved hand with rings on its fingers. The scratching hand was sometimes replaced by a rake or a bird's claw. Generally, the hand could represent either a left or right hand, but the Chinese variety usually bore a right hand.
Although not specifically used for only back scratching, young Chiricahua men in training and women going through a puberty ritual traditionally had to use a ceremonial wooden scratcher made from a fruit bearing tree instead of scratching with their fingernails or hands. Young men who did not use the scratcher for scratching were reported to develop skin that was too soft.

Source taken from wikipedia.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

some weird dream

I had the weird dream last night. It was Nicol David and Rachel Grinham battling it out for a squash title in the finals of an unnamed tournament. They were trading  insane shots from the back of the court to the front at to the side of the court with a lot of determination and focus. 
That was only the first set. The set was won by Rachel Grinham. 
It was seriously a weird dream I have when I was sleeping.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Concert Review: The Black Star Tour 2012

Avril Lavigne: the Black Star Tour
Venue: Stadium Merdeka
Time: 8.30pm
Date: 18th February 2012

Brought by JS Concert Production and sponsored by Tune Talk Mobile, is  the last leg of her Black Star Tour. The concert's proceeding started out with the booming beat from a DJ Nandine Ann Thomas.
After tunes of the DJ came into past, she screamed, " Are you ready for Avril Lavigne??!!????". That is when the crowd went euphoric and shouted like crazy.
She open the show  an about  8.40pm with the song Blackstar and What the Hell from her newest album Goodbye Lullaby. After that comes strings of old hits from here previous albums such as Sk8er Boi and He wasn't. Avril brings things down a notch with a haunting song from the Tim Burton movie Alice in Wonderland , aptly named Alice. She soared throughout the song it was a commendable effort from her. 
More on more songs were belted out such as When you're gone, Wish you were here, Girlfriend, Happy Ending, I'am with you 
Before Avril closes the show with Complicated, she and her band-mates decided to bring fun into the repertoire by switching music instruments. That is when Avril guitarist decided to sing Foster the Kids, Pumped Up Kicks to the delight of the audience.
After about an hour and a half the show came to an end. Avril is not one of the best vocalist on stage, but that is understandable from the types of song she carries to her fans. One gripe I have about her performance is the lack of showmanship. Throughout the almost 1 hour and 30 minutes of performance. She rarely engages with the crowd. Even though she repeats twice that, " This will be a happy moment for us (band mates), because Kuala Lumpur will be the last stop of the Black Star Tour". 
What she really meant by that is that I better finished the songs quick and catch the next plane home. The show was void of emotion and interaction from her. She could have used the venue to her advantage by being flirty or engaging in some humorous one on one chatter with her fans, which she clearly didn't do.
I came home feeling divided about her concert. Her voice was just good but not spectacular and her showmanship gets a thumbs down from me. Nothing for me to feel emotionally connected or wanting more after watching that. It's just that bad.
 I love her song, but I am on the fence with this concert review.

P.S: A  video will be up soon. Stay tune.


Friday, February 17, 2012

What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D

The LG experience has been that of elegance and innovations that shape the lives of their consumers. The LG team has come out with every possible reason to support and makes sense of the word elegance and innovation in all of the products that they come out with.
LG brings up a notch in the innovation department by introducing to its customer a phone that will immersed you in other whole world,namely 3D. You heard me right folks.
The LG Optimus is the epitome of technology conscious brought forward with capabilities that will leave you in gasping out wide in amazement.
The LG Optimus is a phone which brings 3D into the foray. You shoot a video or take pictures and get 3D quality works of art for the benefit of self glorification or to impress the masses out there.
With such high tech no nonsense technology, anyone would benefit from it. Nowadays taking a single 2D images or video is not enough. (A certain movie with a tall two foot alien life force has reinsert and got people euphoric about 3D movies. Remember that awesomeness?)
A 3D world for me is a world of endless possibilities. My world with 3D would be that of reality and fantasy, mix with one singular vivid and crazy experience for the body, mind and soul. Think Willy Wonka meets Avatar. You got to think and look at the bigger when we do things to experience big and wonderful think. I think the 3D Optimus can give that to me. Capturing and making the experience even bigger and worthwhile.

More on the LG Optimus 3D

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

caning corporal punishment

A video of a Malay mum demanding answers from her son on why he is acting
Nothing substitutes better than a good canning. Apparently there is a report saying the caning affects child development and growth. I say parents nowadays are too soft with their kids. 
Why not add this corporal punishment to other forms of punishment such as the timeout punishment, the reasoning method and also the bribing method(though with a high failure rate).

Share your stories of how punishment was carried out during your childhood?It the caning method to barbaric? Are parents of today to soft and lenient towards their kids? Give your comments.

beloved Rosmah Mansor

So much hate after the uploader posted it on Valentines Eve. Where is the love people and for goodness Puan, please polish up on your people skills. Just saying.

Single awareness day

This entry is written in result of the overly hyped and cliche celebration of Valentine's day. Why all the hype when you can celebrate and appreciate your love ones everyday. I think there is two possible reason for this. Valentine's Day is a moneymaking suck money out your pocket day and it's a lazy excuse for those not committed to show love any other day to make it a point they do care on this day (what a douchebag). Are we living in a superficial society that cracks under pressure. Do we need to show love outwardly only with showers of gifts that will put wallets. When those  are not celebrating this day, are we considered emotionally detached homosapiens with conditional love? Is it because out of stinginess. The answer is NO. Valentines day is not only on this day but unconditional and relentless selfless act of love towards everyone you know and cherish on any given day.

Single Awareness day is awesome too don't you think so?

so many ways in this

To appreciate and love to those that are still living

To celebrate the dead for their love shared

or if you are single like me....

I hate wishing Valentines day. Just make sure that it is celebrated everyday and not only on this day? Promise me?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

KFC no chicken warzone

Very bias videotaping of the incident. What we see is the tail end of the fight. In my conclusion what ever we do must be flexible and be patience. Take a deep breath and think of better and appropriate ways to solve a certain crisis. At the end of the day its about how we find ways to communicate and handle things with more dignity and with peace and harmony with each other as humans. Nobody wins here.

P.S. If you guys know the place, please don't go stone the workers or the customers that fought with each other.

Oskar the cat

More on Oskar's tale, visit:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I want a trianer please??!!???

Taken from a reputable club in Kuching, The Sarawak Club.

Can you spot the typo error?

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