Thursday, September 30, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

I was a lonely boy. I was obsesses with having an iphone diet. I had to much of it I just went to far with it. I was having severe iPhone withdrawal symptoms. I pledge to never go back to my old ways again. To remind myself of what unhealthy destruction that I did to myself, all I have left of was a picture me, sweaty looking, fidgety and  with hand flung around like a madman. and with gibberish words coming out from my mouth. 
The remedy was simple. I just need to have an iPhone and the new Iphone 4 to be exact and that was remedy that I took. 
But the doctor told me this, " You  have to have this Iphone remedy for life. Without it you will be toss, as in dead in a few years." 
I was shocked at first to hear that, but I am glad that I am healthy again.

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

life is for real and it is important to get the best out of everything that you have in your life and the new iPhone 4 gives you this chance to get the phone and what I am talking about is their price and payment options. The prices are really a challenge to your mind. It's hard to choose actually.

Firstly the first thing that is very good is actually the benefits that you can get when purchasing at of the plans. One of it is the iGet free calls, sms and mms. This really comes in handy when you text, call or send multimedia content a lot through your iphone and I mean who doesn't like free unlimited texting, calling and and also sending media content over your iPhone. Secondly is the iGet no bill shock when you chose any one of the plans.Exceeding internet quota for the month meaning no extra payment.(you only have to pay when you are overseas). Thirdly, iGet what matters plan lets you have lots of space to store in more personal information that really matters to you like contacts, mailing, mms-ing and many more. There will not be a hassle when it comes to keeping information and is truly needed. Best of all after making a lot of comparisons with other iPhone 3G network provider the cost of sms, calls and mms is super duper cheap.Lastly the Digi also gives 0% installment up to 36 months.

If you sign up for the privilege card membership you will gets lots of goodies and also bonus-link points.

So with all this privileges, there is no doubt that the iPhone 4 plans that Digi offers is one of the best if not the best in the country. No other choice but to make the smarter choice, that is the Digi choice.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Besides the naughty and suggestive title for competition No 2 it think its save to say that applications for any Apple Product is the best in terms of fitting into your lifestyle and personalities. The application that I think would suite my personalities and my wants is the application name Epicurious Recipes and Shopping list by Conde Nast Digital. 
I think a good way to satisfy  a person  appetite for a good and hearty meal and trust me, thinking of what to cook and what the ingredients are  to used can be a hassle and also a headache and the same time. With this application finding a  suitable recipe is a breeze.
Two obvious reasons that I like about this applications are:

It is easy to navigate using the application, making it a stress free experience.

the instructions for the cooking are non hassle and also easy to follow

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Digi I-phone 4 Me: The tales of Sir Sullivan Adventure

Once upon a time in a land of Malaysia where all its citizen are Appleland loving people,
There was a seemingly ordinary boy named Sullivan who unwillingly becomes the chosen knight, to save I-phone 4 from the evil clutches of Anti-apple zoid, the leader of the Burgenland
He was chosen after a long discussion by the high council of Appleland as the rightful hero as he has the qualities to save I-phone 4 from Anti-apple zoid. It's because he is tech savvy, constantly updated with information and in need of a good smart phone.
 In order to become a hero for Appleland, he has to be knighted in order to be allowed in the chambers of weapons. From there he can have the choice of having the best weapon to defeat Anti-apple Zoid.
Not long after that, Sir Sullivan heads to the dangerous land of Burgenland to save the beloved I-phone 4.
He has to go through rough terrains, kills angry centaurs, and also swims across a vast river to get there.
After the long journey, he finally reached the lair of the evil one. The façade of the castle was old and dingy looking. All along the lawn of the castle was giant statues of Anti Apple Zoid with his tongue sticking out and eyeballs sticking out as if cut of from oxygen.
He is now at the centre of the court yard, when suddenly a dark figure was walking down the grand staircase. A booming voice echoed through the castle walls.

“So you are the hero everyone is talking about!’, the dark figured spoke as he walk down the stone staircase.

“Yes, I am”, says Sir Sullivan without fear.

“Hahahahahaha, they didn’t call me Anti-Apple Zoid for nothing”, he chuckled.

“It’s your hate for I-phone and other Apple citizen that irks me. Can’t we co-exist with each other?!?”, shouts Sir Sullivan

“NEVER! I shall kill them all!”, wails Anti-Apple droid.

In minutes of saying that, Sir Sullivan heard a scream billowing from a room somewhere in the castle.

Sullivan says," It's okay I-phone 4. Once I defeat this hideous
creature we shall be together".

Anti-apple Zoid," it your dreams, who do you think you are?". Anti-Apple Zoid taunts Sir Sullivan.

Without warning anti apple zoid beams a dangerous yellow
Laser beam toward  Sir Sullivan.

Sir Sullivan cartwheel to the left into safety and keys in a
new application from an old iphone of his. The google search engine pop up and he type in this few words  

-how to kill an anti-apple zoid.-

After a few second, the old I-phone screen flickered with
thousands of web queries.

"I got it"-shouts Sir Sullivan.

Anti-apple droid release another laser beam towards Sir Sully.
Sir Sully manages to dodged the laser beam-just at the nick of time. He points his old
 I-phone towards Anti-apple droid.

A familiar voice was emitted from the I-phone's speaker.

Anti-apple droid grimaces in agony. His scream echoes in the hall way.

He is starting to peel. Green foam starts flowing from his mouth.
The skin has melt into a gooey starchy

"Nooooooooooo!!! What have you done!! How do you know?-says Anti-Apple droid.

"Well?!!? It's the amazing capabilities of the
I-phone that I manage to find your weakness-
It’s Steve Job's voice that kills you”, says Sir Sullivan with beaming smile” and now who is the idiot".

"ARgghhhh!!! We shall meet again Sir Sullivan- you mark my words!!!!” screams Anti-Apple android.

What was left of Anti-apple android was a green blob at the place he stood.

Everything was quiet. Sir Sullivan remembered what he was there for. He shouted I-phone name.

“ I am here! Get me out of here” shouts I-phone 4.

“okay hold on”, says Sir Sullivan.

He blasted the locks of the room. 

“You are my hero Sir Sullivan, you are the reason why I
should be your tech companion” a relief I-phone4 says.

It was the longest hug ever. They never look back after this incident.

They live happily ever after.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Berg

This mountain was propose by at architect from Germany Jakob Tigges. If all is set, this artificial mountain will be 1000 meters in height, giving Berlin a unique landmark. To celebrate this one of a kind idea, a facebook page dedicated to "The Berg" is set up. LoL 


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

should tips be given?

I am listening to litefm frequently now, and they always give out tips and advice on their channel. One of them was how to be nicer to waiter and waitresses. Here are some of the tips given out.

  1. say thank you
  2. talk to them( make jokes) 
  3. talk about their job only when you have something nice to say.
  4. Give tips what they really deserve. 
The first tips was actually sound and logical and I definitely agree with this. the second tips was quite reasonable.( but not really a funny person) Just as long you think about it as to not to offend anyone. The third one is the same as the second tips. Don't say it if it is offending to the hearer. But what I don't agree with the last one at all because I feel that services here in Malaysia suck big time and I need something to justify the tips that I will be giving.
waiters and waitresses here in Malaysia have this two big problem.
Most of the time they know nuts about the menu in their premises, and they sound and looks moody all the time. They expect to be only writing down orders and bringing in the orders to your table, and that is about it.
so how to give tips when all of this pertaining to giving better services to customer is ignored or not practice at all. I hate it when I ordered something only to be told later that my food is not available, reason  being certain ingredients are used up for that particular dish. I find this seriously annoying and this shows the waiter or the waitresses doesn't want to know what is happening at the kitchen. Secondly I find waiter and waitresses here in Malaysia are damn rude when it comes to speaking the customer.They usually sound uninterested and rather be some where else rather that taking your orders and doing their best service for you. 
So it comes back to the question. Should tips be given regardless of the quality of service or it should be gauge by how well you are being given the service. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Please take this fella...

Helping a friends family member.

Pup in need of a loving home.

 4 months old 
Price  is negotiable
contact Grace Tan @ 0172725093 or email her @

Saturday, September 18, 2010

one of the oddest looking and tasting food I've....pickled sourish saltish bittergourd

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ugliest car in the world

reader out there, if you have stories with a picture of an ugly car from your country please send me. Will gladly share it here

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

winners at the U.S Open

Men's Single Champion
Rafael Nadal
(picture courtesy of:Clive Brunskill/getty images)

beating Novak Djokovic, 6-4,5-7,6-4,6-2

Women's Single Champion
Kim Clijsters
(image courtesy of: Rob Loud/

beating  Vera Zvonareva 6-2,6-1

Men's Double's Champion
Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan
(picture courtesy of: Phillip Hall/

beating Rohan Bopanna and Aisam-ul-haq Qureshi, 7-6(7-5),7-6(7-4)

Women's Double Champion
Vania King and Yaroslava Shvedova
(picture courtesy of: Phillip Hall/

beating Liezel Huber and Nadia Petrova, 2-6,6-4,7-6(7-4)

Boy's Single Champion
Jack Sock
(image courtesy of: Phillip Hall/

beating Denis Kudla, 3-6,6-2,6-2

Girl's Single Champion
Dania Gavrilova
(image courtesy of: Phillip Hall/

beating Yulia Putintseva 6-3,6-2

Monday, September 13, 2010

as the saying goes...

it is nice to be important, but it is even more important to be nice

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11....9 years later

It was a normal Tuesday morning and I remembered clearly when I saw the plane crashing into the first tower. I was like, "Is that for real?". I jaw literally drop for a long time and my shock was replaced with disbelief at the calamity that happen in front of my eyes.

Months into the tragic event, hours and hours of new coverage on the rescue efforts and the stories that came out from it was hard to swallow. Personal accounts of the disaster was a sad and stark reminder of how fragile the world is.

I don't want to forget the event and I want to be reminded that using hatred and hard cold extreme retaliation would not solve a problem, not if it is in the expense of other peoples life.

Friday, September 10, 2010

watermelon smash

I'm seriously digging the slow motion replay, what I didn't like was how her friend casually ask her to continue on. Damn you friend!!

500 miles and the opening

Thursday, September 9, 2010

the pacific, some papa john's and a gaga celebration

I was browsing through the channel Sunday night and I remembered there was this one Emmy nominated series called the Pacific. I was like, " I gotta see this then".
I was totally like blown away at the length the producer and the director of the miniseries goes into making it. It was equally if not better then my all time favorite war movie, Saving Private Ryan.

More on The Pacific, click : All about The Pacific 

The trailer:

and about two weeks ago, I had this voucher from Papa Johns. Anyways its a new pizza restaurant located Jusco next to Tesco. It was actually  with a classmate of mine Here are some pictures.
the condiments 
since the voucher is for the Super Papa, we order the chicken topping one

2 people + 4 pieces each = seriously happy people + bloated tummies

I give a lot of pluses for the thin crust as it was throughly cook, not like Pizza Hut's. Other than that it tasted like any pizza  out there. Not sure if I will dine there again. 

RM 14.95( 50 PERCENT OFF) + RM6.00(two iced drinks) + RM3.10 (service tax+ tax)

for a grand total of:
RM 24.10

and lastly 

A Gaga celebration....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

it's a creepy relationship

virtual girlfriends(

"Look, it's like I'm in a snapshot with her," said Shu Watanabe, 23

truth to be told: He is really in delusion 

The secret is that the dating game goes a step beyond the genre's usual boy-meets-girl script and asks players to build long-term relationships.

truth to be told: OMIGOSH!!!! WAKE UP!! i thought that is kinda sad excuse to make. I guess what these people are, is really  commitment phobic people.

"With earlier love simulation games, we only scored girls, as bad as that sounds, and that was it," said Naoyuki Sakazaki, aged in his 40s, after taking iPhone shots before the bronze statue in Atami.

truth to be told: that is really bad. I mean no matter how you try to sugar coat is still bad

"The virtual girls can kiss you as a way of communication, but nothing happens when she sleeps next to you at the hotel," he said. "We have no intention of trying to sell a product with pornographic elements

truth to be told: it is like saying it the real world if you do bring a girl for a fling and bring her to the hotel bad...nothing integrity what so ever

in conclusion: 

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