Wednesday, August 25, 2010

gaming biggest records

1)Longest prison sentence for gaming

4 months - Faiz Chopdat

The next time you're asked to turn off a gizmo on a plane, do yourself a favor and just do it. Otherwise, you might up like Faiz Chopdat, who in September of 2002 was jailed for four months for incessantly playing Tetris on his cell phone during a flight to the U.K. Multiple warnings by the flight staff went unheeded, landing the gamer behind bars...and in the record books.

2) Largest playable environment in a video game

Fuel -- 5560 square miles

Massive games like Fallout 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV might score headlines, but when it comes to sheer size, even these giants can't compare to 2009 racer Fuel. Its impossibly enormous amount of playable terrain makes it larger than many countries, including Jamaica and Lebanon.

3)Largest in-game soundtrack


Assuming this doesn't include the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, it's easy to see how GTA IV snagged this record. Players can listen to over 218 licensed tracks while causing mischief on the streets of Liberty City.

4) Largest working Tetris game

15 stories - Delft University of Technology - 1995

It might not be the best-known version of the addictive puzzler, but there's never been a bigger one. Created by Dutch students, the massive game took place on 15 floors of the university's Electrical Engineering department.

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