Saturday, January 1, 2011

The review: Oral-B cross action toothbrush

to start of the random festivity going into....wait the minute, It's 2011 already. To my readers out there Happy New Year 2011. As I was saying, to kick off things, the first random post of 2011. A toothbrush review

I got this awesome toothbrush recommended by my mum. She said it was good for the gums and teeth. So decided to finally give it a try after making my old toothbrush into a complete mess.

Bye bye old toothbrush

Let's look at the toothbrush itself

The bristles looks awesomely ugly

Giving a grip test

Overall it was a sturdy toothbrush, what I really love about it was the grip. Nice to hold and it gives you and assurance that your toothbrush won't slip from all the long hours of brushing..nah just kidding. Brushing for hours can cause gum decay. so please do overdo the brushing bit okay peeps. So like I said before a good toothbrush. I love the minty after taste that was on some part of the bristle.

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