Thursday, March 31, 2011

from lending a hand to being your work

sometimes we someone else ask you for help and you ended up doing the person's work for most of the majority of the time. Doesn't that pisses you off? What if the person is capable of helping themselves and doing it on their own, but masquerading their abilities by handing you the workload instead?

scenarion mentioned
person A: Dude can you help me with this assignment?
person B that is being victimize: Well let's see what I can help you.

Person A passes the workload to person B. Person B starts helping and doing the work a little bit. Person A watches from the sideline as person B continues to do the work. Hours pass by and Person B is the one doing all the work for Person A. 

Person A passes  up the work, and never even give a little bit of credit to Person B for helping. So ungrateful.

Doesn't this pisses you off? I know I do. 

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