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Spaghetti Meatball recipe( Simplified)

Spaghetti Meatball Simplified recipe


  • Prego Roasted Garlie Parmesan( Brand of sauce optional)
  • 4 tomatoes( Amount of tomatoes optional)

  • Arbell spaghetti( Brand Optional)
  • Some salt

  • Pre-package beef balls( Preferably freshly grinded one is the best but due to time constraint, got the pre-package one)
  • Cooking oil.
Step 1)

Cut up the tomatoes into cube sizes. It doesn't need to be cut in proportion. I love my food with texture, so the dicing do not need to be perfect.

Step 2)
Get a pot and put in your desired amount of spaghetti noodles that you want to eat. Remember to season the water well with salt so that your spaghetti wouldn't be bland in taste. How much of salt you put into the pot of water is optional. (cooking time about 7-8 minutes).Toss the spaghetti out of its water and leave it aside.

Step 3)

Next get a frying pan and put some oil on it. Get the meatball on it and brown it a little. Do not cook it thoroughly as you will need to merge it with the sauce later. You wouldn't want to eat rubbery pieces of meatballs. When it is browned a little, put the meatballs aside. (cooking time: 3-4 minutes or more depending on the size of the meatballs).

 Step 4)
After that, merge  the Prego garlic parmesan sauce, meatballs and the diced tomatoes into the pot. You can alter the thickness of the sauce by adding more water. The more water it is, the more sauce you will get.( cooking time about 8-10 minutes). Add some salt to taste.

Step 5)

Get the cooked spaghetti and add the meatballs with the sauce.
Enjoy this simple spaghetti recipe.

P.S: Thanks to a buddy of mine who had helped in the kitchen.
He who shall not be and not wanting to be named


Zj89 said...

HAHAHAHA dowan also i know who it is lahhhhh LOL.... awesome dinner yo!! XD

sully86 said...

Zj89: Yeah it was an awesome dinner. Later on you can get your ingredients and have a cookout.

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