Monday, June 10, 2013

armless rest at the movies

Getting ready to watch Hangover 3 with a friend at Golden Screen Cinemas located at Aeon Shopping Mall, Malacca.
A while waiting for the movie, we got seated, and as my friend wanted to rest her arms, she got startled as the arm rest fell off its seat.
And with the picture that was taken above, it proves that Malaysia establishment, the owners of such places will always lack one thing which is maintenance. The though of paying RM10.00 just makes me sick.


Ellen Whyte said...

Hi Sully, wow, amazing how they don't even seem to care their place is falling apart.

I think you've been hacked. I got a weird comment from you on the blog. I removed it.

sully86 said...

katz tales: Yah ellen. For RM10, is such a waste right. Anyways I have deleted those unwanted spam comments. I just weird that there were forty something comments on a single entry without me approving it. Thanks for the heads up though.

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