Tuesday, March 17, 2009

some visitation

7th March 2009
Cg's took turn to visit the boys and girls home for a few weeks, and my group in this particular trip was assigned to make a visit to the boys home. The place that we were going to was at Segamat. So without further due, pictures for illustration purposes.

It's quite a mouthfull

Anyways the first big activity was drawing+coloring+explaning your artwork to each other. This was fun as we get to see each other's creativity.

Art in progress

Choosing the proper colors for your artwork

 strewn all over

Pardon my kiddish drawing.

After that Frederick(my caregroup leader),decided to teach the boys some basic on photography.

Teaching in progress

Teaching how to use the macro mode

The result:

Picture 1

Picture 2

While some of the guys are taught the basics of photography, some of the boys are brought to the kitchen to be taught how to make pancakes

Frederick doing wat a chef supposed to do; teach his apprentices

Kelvin is demostrating the way to mix the pancake batter

On of the boys giving it a whisk 

Jou chean and lucius didn't want to miss the cooking action too

the finished cooked pancakes( this was not the final product, cos there were more pancakes at the end)

Not long after that, the boys retired for a few games of Uno Stacko

start the ball rolling

asaph!!! You got owned by the boys

noooooo.......don't fall

look at the concentration on the boy's face

*pancake eating session commence. No picture because was busily eating away the pancakes* 

So after Uno stacko and eating the pancakes, we all decided to chill and camwhore;

*inserts name of album*

Then it is time to go back to Melaka

Cp:GU gu!!! Ga ga!!!*kawaii!!*

Andrew(The head/coordinator) repeatedly told us not to turn into the the highway leading to Kuala Lumpur, but he actually did at the end. Luckily there were no car behind and then he  reverse and head to the highway leading to Johor instead *shakes head*

John asking Jui shan: "WHere is the food ar??".

Highway on the way back

in was fun and a fruitful trip indeed. 

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