Monday, April 27, 2009

swimming google

Without it we are pretty much blind underneath those heavy/light current water. Really something that we cannot take for granted.


asaphsua said...

whoaaaaa... since when do googles become so important 2 u ?? hahahahah u been swiiming eh ??? super useful wei google...i know how it feels 2 swim without googles

SherRen said...

Goggles or google?

FYI, google is a search engine....

sully86 said...

asaphsua: no i dont swim a lot, but this entry is catagorize under great inventions ever made. U browse through my previous entry go a lot of invention i deem useful and awesome

sherRen: Ahahaha your the second person after my friend commented on the chatbox.Hrmmm sorry for the typo but I dont intent to change the typo already( Lazy) hahaha

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