Tuesday, June 16, 2009

after just two weeks

Mr blog owner wants to do his normal routine on the internet goes to the internet and finds that he can't log in to yahoo mail. Mr blog owner wants to twitter, but finds out that he forgets the username and password. My blog owner wants to check his nuffnang account but he forgets his user name. After meddling into the yahoo mail account I manage to retrieve back my email account. * What a relieve* .After some thought put into in I manage to twitter my way after finding out that I can also use my email address without the username. Wait the minute, nuffnang uses email as well. *What a relieve*

All this happen after two weeks of holiday. Imagine if it was two month or two years or twenty years or something. Die man!!!


★ whoaamello ★ said...

LOL!!! Maybe you should just keep track of your usernames & passwords in a notebook or just standardize them for easier recall (:

sully86 said...

whoaamello: I am afraid of username and password hijacking.

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