Thursday, May 28, 2009

the best friend tag vs a good friend

-A best friend will try to hard to fit into someone's mold of a best friend
-A good friend will be is or her own without trying so hard( in other words just be yourself ) 

-A best friend will change in attitude( will not be what it seems at the end) and stature in the long run, because  he or she is just trying to fit into someone's  mold
-A good friend expects changes, will  not fight the change but embraces and supports it(and still love the shortcomings)

-A best friend will make admends, to which motives are not really what it seems
-A good friend is flexible, forgiving, yet not to overbearing, but caring and respectful at the same time

-A best friend will make clicks eventually(anonymity)
-A good friend is my good friend is a friend to everyone.(transperancy)

And that is what I really need, not a best friend but a good friend

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