Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Melaka Camp 2009

Theme: God's Zone
Venue: Broga Adventure Camp site, Semenyih
Date: 29th til 31st August 2009

accommodation minister Aaron Goh
Elijah and team discussion their findings and explaining it to us
Esther wong and I
TK a.k.a datuk
official food servers at camp
foo so cool
glorious food
how to collect foam from your hair?
wash the hair
Keep on scrubbing till you get the foams and after that dispose of it in a bucket
Elvina's awesome mohawk
the after effect of using shampoo brand X
from left: X-men, ultraman, peace out woman and miss elvis presley
some game involving paper plates and a lot of memorizing
this game involves candies and flour with some mixture of water

This is joshua
Jeremy doing his thing
Kiss anyone??
Kelvin yo!!That is so gross man
hrmmm the starting point which is extremely tricky
the aim is to transfer a certain amount of water from an end to another with a plastic bottle cut into half
steady now team....
aaron goh in charge of shave the balloon game
asaph being floured again!!
gathering before the activities
the activities after the games
rock climbing wall
foo and Noni
Johnny and Manuel doing their victory pose
Li Khai doing the flying fox
Basketball yo!!
Someone's angel did something awesome by doing a song dedication to his mortal.
the mortal looking so happy
angel and mortal game continues
from left: Christi, joshua, myself and Manuel
this picture is name: " looking over the horizon".
posers. The question is...why so serious
Helllooooooo!!!! Anyone there???
the girls camper
yo!! cool yo
kelvin transformed into a decepticon
the campers yo!!
edmund ng and charlene
Bunch of poser in the bus while it is still moving
from left: TK, Eunice and Sally

this ends part one of Melaka Camp 2009. Stay tuned for part two.

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