Friday, November 20, 2009

the bat killer at court

*click for larger pictures*
This poor bad got killed
By this tennis racquet
and this was the culprit that did it
and you might be wondering as to how this happen.

Did he:
a)Purposely killed the bat as it swoop by him.
b)He was trying to swing the ball over and is so happen that the bat flew straight to his racquet at the same exact time and moment.

If you answered A go kill yourself(Just kidding), but if you answered B you are awesomely right.

Here is an illustration as to how this unfortunate incident happen(pardon me for my amateurish drawing)
Ok that is my friend/culprit in a form of a stickman holding a racquet using his right hand(our left). the horizontal line is where the net is. The yellow circle is the tennis ball and the little square is the poor bat which flew into the racquet as my friend is about the finish the point by smashing the ball. To cut the story short the bat didn't make it.*cries*

The conclusion:
What are the odds of this incident happening to a tennis player



Vinay Rai said...

unfortunate things do happen but it is better to avoid them than to let them happen. Alertness of mind is very important under such circumstances.

sully86 said...

yup I do agree with that, but this is an incident which is unfortunate actually, everything happen at the same time

alvin said...

wow..whats the probability of that happening...who is the mercylesss animal killer

sully86 said...

Yup who is that killer. I am so scare for the animals there especially those that can fly. HOPE THIS kILLING SPREE ENDS!!!!

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