Monday, November 16, 2009

2012 the movie review

Here comes a movie from director Roland Emmerich who brought you disaster movies such as The day after tomorrow, Independence Day and Godzilla. The movie centers around a group of people who are trying to survive numerous apocalyptic event that is going to happen to our beloved planet earth. Okay let's get down to the movie review for this movie.

Plot wise
This movie is your typical disaster movie with humankind trying their best to outrun this disasters still surviving the calamity that happen even though you are talking about the earth plates getting displace, super volcano erupting, L.A and Las Vegas being send down to earth, and super tsunamis that goes on a rampage across the globe.

Acting wise:
-no comments on this because most on the actors in the movie don't get enough screen time and some had to much screen time. The President of the United State is annoying and a damn sissy.

Special effect wise:
I give this department an A+ for the fact that they went all out in making the earth split open, a volcano erupting, a super tsunami while making it look believable(sort off)

In conclusion, go into the movie theater expecting less of the storyline/plot/acting and expect more on the special effects. it just a typical disaster movie, not that bad at all to watch but what undid it's awesomeness is the lack of plot development, a weak/typical storyline and the weak/lack off acting in this movie that are explored in this movie.

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