Sunday, December 26, 2010

random conversations

There are 2 types of Msian Chinese. One speak mostly English and the other mostly Chinese...and both groups hardly mix with one another.

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    • Why?
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    • Correct! Been there, food that. Hahaha... But now, quite okay. At least got talk. Anyway, welcome back to FB, Fabian. It has been a longgg time :p
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    •  why like that?
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    •  how abt u?which one ur?lol
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    • can seat in on table ..but the problem comes when wanna converse..the language barrier is obvious..
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    • errkk... then comes one of the Msian Malay which speaks English & Chinese better then all other languages :P .... Merry X'mas Cuz :)
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    •  chinese speaking ones tend be more conservative while the other doesnt
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    •  quek: it applies to everyone lah..
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      It irritates me a lot when people tell me this:
      "Eh why you don't you speak mandarin since you are Chinese yourself"

      Well I am brought up in a family which speaks a different type of Chinese dialect which is Hokkien or Hakka and 80 percent of the time, English is mostly spoken and my Bidayuh blood in me so i am not purely Chinese, but rest assured that I am not forgetting my Chinese roots by not speaking mandarin.

      But in whatever ways you want to improve on any language that you want to speak,please remember to find the initiative and the courage to speak or find  the initiative to start a conversation. Might never know you will find new friends and improve on your vocabulary 

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