Friday, February 4, 2011

the actors of yesterday and today

I grew up watching a lot of movies, and it was a very fun experience. From one decade to another, there has been a change of guards so to speak in the acting world. During those times, the American were churning excellent working actors after another, and it was an enjoyable time.

The American's really dominated the movie industry and what was obvious was the  fact that a lot of good actors came from America.

But nowadays the landscape has changed and there are  more  international acclaimed actors which have grace the silver screen which does not only come from America

In short we are saturated with good actor and actresses from australia and especially European countries
 Andrew Garfield( British)
 Chris Hemsworth( Australian)
Christian Bale( British) 
 Christoph Waltz( Austrian)
 Colin Firth( British)
 Marion Cotillard(French)
 Hugh Jackman( Australian)
Ryan Reynolds (Canadian) 

 Henry Cavill(British)

for now I have to say that the super talented one's are always either from the UK or Australia a trend that is.

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