Friday, August 3, 2012

The Switzerland vs Malaysia yogurt review

 Nestle Brand

Emmi yogurt Aloe Vera flavor

Yogurt flavor
A picture of how the Emmi yogurt looks like

I went shopping in the afternoon with two of my friends at Tesco a few Sundays ago. We were browsing through the milk, cheese and yogurt section of the aisle. I got myself a a nestle peach flavored yogurt and my two of my friends got Emmi's brand of yogurt from Switzerland.

Apple to apple comparison

Verdict: Nestle wins this round

Switzerland more runny then nestle, a notch down in the flavor compare to nestle. those who prefer a smoother and refine texture would love the brand.

Nestle Peach flavored yogurt.
A more stronger and distinctive smell  and  taste of yogurt. Bigger chunks of fruits were seen in the cup. It has a thicker texture compared to the Emmi Brand.

verdict: Emmi brand wins

Cup per serving
Emmi- 170 grams
Nestle-135 grams

Verdict: Emmi yogurt wins

Score: Emmi 2- Nestle 1

Verdict: The Emmi Yogurt has a smooth runny texture and without the strong yogurt smell of Nestle. The Nestle yogurt has a stronger after taste than the Emmi brand. Eventhough, many would have love the Emmi yogurt but with a price tag of RM2.80, you can buy not one but two Nestle yogurt. I also love the more robust texture of the Nestle yogurt, hence Nestle wins this overall.


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