Sunday, May 19, 2013

how to eradicate snatch thief incidents like that????

I played badminton some time ago in the afternoon today. In waiting for my turn to play, I had a conversation with an aunty who also came to have a few games of badminton She was telling how a friend's neighbor handbag got stolen. During the incident, the lady victim parked her car outside the porch, got her bag inside the car, and proceed by locking the car door and return to padlock the house gate. No long after that she heard a commotion behind her as she was about done securing the lock for the gate. When she turned back, she saw two men on a motorcycle, speeding off hurriedly. Upon checking what the fuss is about, she noticed that the door on the passenger side next to the driver's side was pried upon and her handbag gone.

I gave a suggestion, that maybe all ladies should just bring the essentials in an unassuming pouch or something like that to avoid thieves preying upon them.

Then another girl which was in the conversation before me, interjected my suggestion.

"You think girls have it easy like guys ar?. We have a lot of things to carry you know, a big purse, makeup, etc" she said.

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