Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Muar food excursion

A friend come down for a wedding last Saturday. He came off from work early on Friday so that he doesn't need to be caught on the famous jams around the city of Kuala Lumpur.

On Saturday morning, we decided to have a road trip to Muar, to sample the good there.
this was taken an around 7 am in the morning. Crazy huh just for some food far far away.

 the was the first place we visited. It a shop solely selling chicken rice. Apparently my friend who brought me there is from Muar as well.

Some newspaper clipping of the chicken rice.

The main event. This is quarter of a chicken.

Accompanied by three huge rice balls.

Total amount: Quarter plate of chicken rice balls, plus 3 rice balls and a drink each RM12.60

Next stop, skewered meat or satay.

Total amount: Five sticks of beef and five sticks of chicken, a plate of ketupat and one drink each RM10.70

Next to the bay for some relaxing time.

Before we head off back to Malacca, my friend introduce me to some drinks
Well if you want a cheaper bird's nest drink that this stall will be the place.

I got the RM0.80  one.

Next drink is something you wouldn't see else where in Malaysia.
Hidden at the fruit stall...  

is some good old pear juice.

it cost me RM1.00 for a cup.

There is so much more food to explore, but we hadn't had enough time. Overall I would go back to the chicken rice because of its price value which far exceeds the normal expensive prices that you will get elsewhere. The pear juice was something unique and I love it because of its tard taste.The satay was just mediocre tasting.
The four hour plus trip was really worth it in my opinion.


Katz Tales said...

Can't stand Muar but that pear juice looks amazing!

Mr Lonely said...

i like chicken rice~

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