Saturday, February 8, 2014

Random Movie Review: The Lego Movie

Directed by:
Phil Lord
Chris Miller

Distributed by:
Warner Brothers Picture

Chris Pratt
Will Ferrell
Elizabeth Banks
Will Arnett
Nick Offerman
Alison Brie
Charlie Day
Liam Neeson
Morgan Freeman

Running time:
100 minutes

The Lego movie follows the story of Emmet, a unimportant Lego figure that got trusted into saving the world after being mistakenly identified as the one who would save the world from evil President Bussiness.

 My inner child was unleash when I was watching the movie in the cinema. I have to say the movie is quite frantic borderline on manic, but the funny gags and one to punch liners are the saving grace. Not only that, the movie is well crafted, beautiful and vibrant. Highly recommended

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