Friday, May 22, 2009

The royal Wii

*british royal family song playing in the background*

Prince William: Look grandma, I found this on the mail this morning.
Queen of England: Owhhh really?? Can I see what it is??
Prince Williams hands out a mysterious white box to grandma.

The Queen quickly unwrapped what is inside the box, and to her delight....
Queen of England: Oahhhhh!!!....Oahhhhh!! Blimey!!! They gave me what I wanted...
Prince William: Really ??What is it?
Queen of England: Ohh you stupid boy, can't you see it's gold plated Wii. Owhhh what joy!!!
Prince William: Owhhh really??That is great, now you can get off of mine. That shall give me peace
Queen of England: *Jumps around the palace ballroom in joy* 
Prince William: Don't hurt yourselve there grandma, I beg of you.
Queen of England: WHHhhhheeeeeeeeee!! *still jumps around buckingham palace
Prince Williams:* Shakes head* * Walks off*

*The official national anthem of England plays in the background* 

*end of story*

To find out the real story behind this total nonsense, click:

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