Wednesday, May 20, 2009

word of the day

bumpo-phobic(Pronounce:bu-hh-am-poh foh-bic)  also known as bump-o-phobic(pronounce:buh-am-po-h foh-bic)
definition: A person who is totally afraid of driving their cars over speed bumps.

example of the usage of this particular word:
Kee Weng: eh!!..I go pick you up at around 10pm at Kenang Selalu. I am bump-o-phobic man when it comes the road at your neighbourhood.
Sully:owhhh I totally understand why you are man, because there are so many speedbumps at Bunga Raya


sheebs said...

I think I'm a bump-o-phobic... I hate driving my car over bumps! Especially the itty bitty ones they have in shopping malls...

sully86 said...

sheebs: I think when I own a car of my own, i will suffer the same phobia too

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