Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the movie reviews

Medusa: "No One!! can resist me!!".

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: and the Lightning thief.
If you love Greek mythology you will love this film. OK let's go ahead with the reviews shall we??
The storyline was predictable. It was quite a straight forward movie that there is not much wow factor in it. Would I say it's a nice movie to watch in the cinema. I would definitely say yes, it is a fun movie to watch with quite the safe story to boot. Nothing to shout about this movie

plus points:
love the Greek mythology concept in the movie.

you've got to love Medusa. Who doesn't

minus point:
can't shake of the resembles to the Harry Potter franchise(director is Christopher Columbus)

True Legend.
The story as it went along got pretty bland it looks the director went to make this movie without really an explosive ending. It is like you wish for a super explosive ending because it's a martial arts movie but instead all you got is ripple on the surface water kinda thing. I remembered watching some part thinking it was like a 30 seconds advertisements of television.

plus point:
the hand to hand and aerial combat was quite good and believable, hence and enjoyable time watching this martial arts movie

minus points:
a weak storyline, could have given the characters more plot development. They went along the movie without much gusto

the ending was pretty anti climatic or in other words there were nothing much of a solid one

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