Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the name is Sullivan

my full name is Sullivan Alex Tan, if you haven't know that yet. As for the urban dictionary definition of Sullivan,so here it is.(Inspired by Stephanie)

Oh my Goodness, did you just see that guy smile?? He is totally a Sullivan.

I was tailgating at a Giant's game and to my right a group was making burgers, to my left a group was making egg sandwiches...I thought "Why not make a Sullivan?"
-The Sullivan is when someone gets so drunk, high or both, that they simultaneously vomit and shit, at the same time. usually, both the throw-up and poop is not contained, and gets all over the floor and walls. Found commonly amongst drunk people who are lactose intolerant, but still consume dairy product.
Yo, that GIRL was so drunk she Sullivaned all over the bathroom!


Dude, I'm so drunk I think I'm gonna Sullivan, right here, right now.

-(verb and/or noun) :: the act of freaking out to the most littlest details - accompanied with a tweak in the whole face and body, pointing and viscously shaking the finger, and shrugging the shoulders whilst simultaneously exclaiming "oi!" - especially after just having asked to "define" something or stated something annoying of the sorts.

*Disclaimer :: not recommended to drink or blaze with someone who pulls a sullivan.
Guy1 :: ay sullivan, its your turn for a drunken hook-up!

The Sullivan :: (air quoting) define "drunken hook-up" - accompanied by the acts stated above.

Chick1 :: dude whyy would you ask that aldsuscoivalksndflakwerhjoicuf angry angry yer such an annoying little bottomhead sully!!!!!!

>.<" What!!????

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