Saturday, April 17, 2010

Segamat and tomyam

Okay to be honest this trip was the longest ever. The last time I went(which was at the boys home), the entourage usually gets back to Malacca at about 2pm the least. This time around we got back to Malacca at almost 5pm.
Duty roasters and schedules.

Session stars with a little bit of praise and worship

*yawns* When is the activities starting ar?
Kenneth: Cha?? What song lah?

After that, we proceed with the games which I was in charge.

and after games, we head to the activities
teaching the girls the steps of the tambourine
Jou Chean explaning to the kids how to do the arts and crafts.

okay this was colored by Jou Chean. Let do a trivia quiz: He has an obvious mohowk, a very good basketballer and he is from sarawak. Can you guess who is the fellow in the arts and craft bunny above

John Z teaching the drums

Kenneth teaching the girls a thing or two about the right technique to strum the guitar.

Before we left, a customary group picture.

I feel that the boys house I went to the last time has more well behave kids than the girls house.(not being sexiest here). At the end of the day, I guess it's the fellowship that counts.\

After this we headed to Tangkak tomyam noodle shop which according to Angel is popular among the locals there.

the claypot tomyam yee mee was okay. It lack a few things which is spiciness and also the sourness needed in an extremely good tom yam soup. Other than that, it was just okay. At least the meatballs were tasty.

that sums of a pretty fruitly outing to Segamat

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