Monday, April 5, 2010

movie review: clash of the titans

when Avater came out, I was like this movie is going to set the benchmark for 3D movies so high that other studios that tries to come out with another 3D movie will be put under the carpet. Point in case Alice in Wonderland. That movie kinda suck in 3D, but the movie was okay though. So when Clash of the Titan was out in 3D I decide to skip the hoopla of watching it in that format.

this movie is literally a popcorn movie. You just need to go into the cinema with not much expectations, because if you do so you will be disappointed with the movie which lacks a lot in the structural and the expansion and development of the character and story. At least if you take into account the actions sequences in the movies, it does more in covering up the flaws mentioned earlier but also give the movie a much needed buzz.

so I will highly recommend watching this is normal non 3D screen and don't expect a great movie, it's just an okay one.

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