Monday, November 22, 2010

the year that was in movie 2010

Best action movie
Clash of the Titans
by far the best in term of action, story wasn't that spectacular. It in this list because I did not have other action movies to compare to.

Best fantansy movie
Alice in wonderland 
eccentric, quirky and Helena Bonham Carter stole the show as the evil red queen.

Best capper heist movie
Mind bending, mind boggling, what ever you want to call this movie. Just two words from me. 


Best animation
Toy Story 3
A good way to end an awesome franchise. Pixar did it again!!

How to train your dragon
Moral of the story is don't be afraid to stand of what is right and just be yourself.

Despicable me
Love the yellow minions 

Best thriller/mystery movie
Shutter Island
Intriguing movie to watch. A good one 

worst movie of 2010
based on web reviews, ratings and own personal distaste.
Jonah Hex

The trailer didn't even excite me. Never watched it and never will.

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Stupid Bella. Still can't decide who is she going to fall for. I think when Stephanie Mayers wrote this book she must BE undecided herself. Sorry diehard fans, I shall forever make fun on this movie. I just can't help it.

Valentine Day

Before I even considered that it was a movie or even want to watch it, I said to myself. Does the characters in the movie get enough screen time looking at the actors in it. Glad I didn't.

this is the best of the best and the worst. The rest was quite mediocre so I decided not to waste my money and watch it at the cinema. So in terms of the quantity this year is the least. Noticeably, animation rule this year for this year's list of movie in 2010.

What would you the year that was in movie list? What movies you think should be on this list? 


Au and Target said...

Loved the original! Must look at this new version.

sully86 said...

au and target: ur talking about alice right? if u r, the movie is quite good actually. I should have ditch the 3D watching though..not as 3D-ish ast Avater.

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