Friday, June 10, 2011

the birth control pill

Is the birth control pill a good excuse to have extra sexual relationship or it actually stops unwanted pregnancies.

Now there is even a clinical "breakthrough" regarding men's birth control pill .

Male birth control pill soon a reality (MSN news)

I just don't get the whole birth control pill thingy. Abstinence is so outdated and that is so sad.

What is your rationality behind the birth control pill. Your thoughts/comments/feedback please.

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Daniel Chiam said...

This is such an A-morale thing for me which like everything else in this world, there is the good and bad of it.

The pill itself would not made a decision for you but its the person itself.

Everyone thinks that the pill is a big No NO because its encourages people to have free sex without need to worry about getting pregnant.

Then again what about married couple who is not financially stable and would not want to have kids yet, thus they opt for the pill.

No matter what new invention that human manage to came up with, there's always a good, bad and I-dont-care group of people. By eliminating the pills wont help much to do any changes also because what you need to change is the people, then only you can see real changes.

Haha sorry, rambling thoughts..

sully86 said...

daniel: for married couple? I think self protection is adequate? Anyways i think the problem also for this is that being abstinence is so old school and outdated. Think about it, if teenagers aren't pressure for having sex before marriage, and also for taking into consideration to be financially stable before a marriage and not rush marriage, I think the birth control pill wouldn't be an issue after all

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