Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Movie review: X-Men: first class

The movie sees trials and tribulations of mutants and the early origins and relationship between Professor X and Magneto. It also sees the tense and volatile political situation between the American's and Russian and the level of difficulty the mutants face in being accepted by the human community.
Falling away from its formulaic stories from previous franchises, X-Men first class lost a significant amount of its appeal from mostly the disappearance of Wolverine. One thing that was obvious is that the movie is more of the telling a story kind, than a straightforward high octane superhero movie. All you got is a telling of a story of struggles, heartaches and acceptance and how the rivalry better Professor X and Magneto happened.
The acting was good especially for Michael Fassbander. I think he is better that James McAvoy as Professor X. The plot and storyline was good, but it gets pretty overwhelming for a two hour plus movie, as the big action sequences only comes during the last 30 minutes or so of the movie. So you have to be really patient when watching the movie. The story elements are a lot, but the action sequences are now kept to the minimal to convey story.
A good movie to watch. I say so because it departs from the norm of its franchise.

Movie rating: 7/10

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