Sunday, June 19, 2011

my namesake: The Sullivans

Namesake is a term used to characterize a person, place, thing, quality, action, state, or idea that has the same, or a similar, name to another.

If you don't already know, my full name is Sullivan Alex Tan.(No, I don't have a Chinese name attached after my surname)

Today's namesake is other that the popular Australian television show, The Sullivans, set in the tumultuous time of World Word 2, in centers the lives of The Sullivan family and how the war effects their very existence.It ran for an amazing 8 season(from 1976 til 1983), and receive extensive recognition for is high standards of production during that time. It was also well received in many countries and was credited to bringing fame to its actor and actresses such as Mel Gibson and Kylie Minogue to name a few.

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