Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We are not dumb, you are!!

Me peeps and I were on our way to town. We are using the public bus as a mean of transportation as it is a cheaper way to go about. We hope into the bus. The bus driver decided to take a break. Not long after that,   passengers started filling in the bus and there were also a group of European tourist( a total of four of them) women.
there were supposed to check in at cheap budget hotel in town called Kota Lodge Hotel at Kota Laksamana.
Supposed to stop before a traffic light at the junction going into Jalan Kota Laksamana.
We supposed to stop at the curb before the traffic light and walk into the  Jalan Kota Laksaman junction to get to the budget hotel

but was caught up due to the fact the the girls got to wear/carry their huge backpack.(is not their fault they carried such big backpacks, they are tourists for goodness sake). The bus driver didn't stop but instead waited at the traffic light. After the traffic light again we decided to come down. I pressed the bell once but the  bus driver never stopped.

The bus driver decided not to stop.Heading towards the mall

After reaching Mahkota Parade Shopping mall. He asked for the bus fees, but i told him my friend had paid him. before I got down he told me this," Kawan-kawan awak itu, bebal lah!!"  (Your friends are such idiots).
I know, an African guy press the button a few times. I pressed it once. We all wanted to get down there and  at the end you called my friend idiot/dumb??
I had to apologize to the European tourist because they had to walk so far if they wanted to get to their lodging. Their plans might have been disrupted too because of that incident. 
I am okay for the fact that the bus driver might be irritated because the bell was pressed many times,  but you didn't even stop for us and we really wanted to get down, but I am pissed  because he called us dumb for no apparent reason. We don't deserved that at all.

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