Friday, February 17, 2012

What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D

The LG experience has been that of elegance and innovations that shape the lives of their consumers. The LG team has come out with every possible reason to support and makes sense of the word elegance and innovation in all of the products that they come out with.
LG brings up a notch in the innovation department by introducing to its customer a phone that will immersed you in other whole world,namely 3D. You heard me right folks.
The LG Optimus is the epitome of technology conscious brought forward with capabilities that will leave you in gasping out wide in amazement.
The LG Optimus is a phone which brings 3D into the foray. You shoot a video or take pictures and get 3D quality works of art for the benefit of self glorification or to impress the masses out there.
With such high tech no nonsense technology, anyone would benefit from it. Nowadays taking a single 2D images or video is not enough. (A certain movie with a tall two foot alien life force has reinsert and got people euphoric about 3D movies. Remember that awesomeness?)
A 3D world for me is a world of endless possibilities. My world with 3D would be that of reality and fantasy, mix with one singular vivid and crazy experience for the body, mind and soul. Think Willy Wonka meets Avatar. You got to think and look at the bigger when we do things to experience big and wonderful think. I think the 3D Optimus can give that to me. Capturing and making the experience even bigger and worthwhile.

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Au and Target said...

I don't want to be that connected. I don't even like my HP very much!

sully86 said...

au and target: that must be one extremely snazzy phone for you wanting to buy it. LoL.
well its just some contest I am joining for fun and my current phone now is in shambles so why not try right?

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