Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Single awareness day

This entry is written in result of the overly hyped and cliche celebration of Valentine's day. Why all the hype when you can celebrate and appreciate your love ones everyday. I think there is two possible reason for this. Valentine's Day is a moneymaking suck money out your pocket day and it's a lazy excuse for those not committed to show love any other day to make it a point they do care on this day (what a douchebag). Are we living in a superficial society that cracks under pressure. Do we need to show love outwardly only with showers of gifts that will put wallets. When those  are not celebrating this day, are we considered emotionally detached homosapiens with conditional love? Is it because out of stinginess. The answer is NO. Valentines day is not only on this day but unconditional and relentless selfless act of love towards everyone you know and cherish on any given day.

Single Awareness day is awesome too don't you think so?

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