Saturday, April 28, 2012

the baby bat incident

I was minding my own business as I was preparing for the Bersih 3.0 entry on my blog, when out of no where came this baby bat. It was hairy all over and it was literally crawling on the floor. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I was clueless for a bit on how to get rid with it.

*This was not the real bat, but it looks the same, for illustration purposes only*

I was stunt for quite some time, I even employed some ridiculously funny ways to get rid of it.
  • First I had an unused shoe box and was trapping it underneath. I was hoping the little critter would latch itself onto the box and I could close the lid and go outside and let it free, but it had other plans. *FAILED ATTEMPT*

  • It crawled onto  a backpack that was on the floor and I was hoping that it would crawled into it and I could just let it loose by shaking the baby out from the backpack of the balcony, but it decided to latched itself on the side of the backpack at a nook. *Attempt failed*

  • Try to coaxed that baby bat out of the nook and hoping that it would fall into the shoe box  that I put close to it but it was smart, it didn't want to let go.
  • Had a time out with the bat. After that it decided to escaped and crawl back on the floor again. The dustpan and the broom was nearby. I gently sweep it to the dustpan and took it out to the balcony. It crawled onto the railing and I was to disgusted by it that I didn't even bother to say goodbye.
I could have save a ton of time by using the last way to get  rid of it. I really hope it is fine, but from the looks of it, either is dazed and confused by the bright light of my room or part of it's wing is fractured. It didn't even try to fly around when I was trying to get it into the box or when it was on the dustpan.

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