Friday, April 27, 2012

Movie review: The Avengers

 the first show at 12.05

the sizable crown gathering at about 11.30pm yesterday.

I don't know what possess me to get the 12.05 am show. Maybe its the fanboy in me or I am just following the hype. As  you all know the Avenger  is a team assembled by Nick Fury to fend of evil forces that no man can withhold on earth. Loki the half brother of Thor decided to seek revenge and summon an army to destroy earth and reign as the supreme being on earth.
All of the superhero movies so far have a cliche plot, but what I really like about this movie is that mostly all the characters have  back stories, you get to know them even more. There are time when it gets quite draggy and tired, but it gives depth to the character-it's not just a big explosion, and big set pieces involving battle sequences.
Apart from that, the comic timing was excellent, providing relief to the already tense problems the heroes are facing. The icing on the cake goes to the hulk a.k.a Bruce Banner for being the funniest. Minus points  goes to the way the superhero end the war. Why didn't Loki give specific instructions not to build a safety mechanism. Seem so highly illogical looking at the circumstances of things and sadly Hawkeye is seriously underused in the movie.
Well put that one flaw aside, The Avenger is an awesome must see movie this year. I kid you not peeps.

Movie rating 8.0/10.0


Daniel Chiam said...

I really don't mind to watch the second time. awesome movie.

sully86 said...

daniel: yes it is, planning to go for 3D for it.

Daniel Chiam said...

Sully, how do you leave comment at my blog ya? I received email notice but your comment never appear in my blog? I'm staying at bandar sunway. really tempted with the 3d offer but kinda tight for this 2 month coz i just moved to a new place, so used a lot of my money already xD

sully86 said...

daniel: Hey daniel. I add a comment as usual and had to key in the letters before I can add in the comments

sully86 said...

daniel: and hope u had a blast at your new place

Matt Steiner said...

My first thought after walking out of the theater was, thank goodness Michael Bay didn't get a hold of this one!

sully86 said...

matt steiner: yes matt!!! he relies solely on pyrotechnics ..michael bay isn't a good director

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