Tuesday, April 24, 2012

42 years, and how are we doing?

Saw this interesting facts chart about the Health of the Malaysian Economy in a span of 42 years posted by a friend of mine.

*click on picture for a bigger resolution*

Looks impressive huh? 
From different perspective of things, let's look and how other people have to say about the findings

to be noted: all word bold are the  full names of those involved in the conversation. It is for privacy purposes and if you by any means know them please don't give them a hard time by harassing them.

What are you're opinion on this matter? What constitute a good economic report/progress?
Personally I think, 10 point of references to gauge an economic performance of a country is seriously not enough. If the government is transparent enough, they ought to show us more. It looks manipulated do you think so or maybe I am wrong? What do you think? Please comment on the comment section below this post.

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