Monday, June 25, 2012

Cinema alone time

When people ask me out for a movie, I usually tell them that I had watched the movie before. When they ask me who I watched the movie with, I usually reply to them, " I usually watched a movie alone".

To which they replied, " Why so anti social one???".

Some reasons why watching movies at the cinema alone is better then with some company of friends.
  • watching with a group can be taxing at times. They will come a time when choosing a movie can be a hassle. So you will ended watching the movie even though you don't want to watch the movie at the first place, because it was chosen by the majority in the group. It sucks.
  • when you watched a movie alone. You get the awesome privilege of watching premier screening of a movie.
  • You wouldn't need to cancel a watching a show versus when in a group. E.g. You have a to cancel watching a movie when you get there because it is known after that there is no more seats left for a big group of people.

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