Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jason Mraz: Tour is a four letter word 2012

Thanks for giving me the pair of free tickets.

Mr Fad my concert partner in crime.

The crowd before the show.

#12 Muzik Jason Mraz Pukau Peminat Di Stadium Merdeka

#04 Muzik Jason Mraz Pukau Peminat Di Stadium Merdeka

 This is my second concert. Thanks to for giving out tickets for show. This is Jason Mraz second tour after his first back in 2009 at Stadium Negara.
Overall it was a show with a longer set of song list. A mix of songs from Waiting for my rocket to come, Mr.A-z, We Sing, We Dance, We Steal things and his current album Love is a four letter Word we performed throughout the 2 hour plus show.
One thing I noticed that  was missing from the show is Toca Rivera, the fun loving, burly bongo player, who usually backs up Jason on most of his shows. Because of that I felt that the energy was a little less than the previous show which had Toca in it.( It's rumoured that he is doing his own project at the moment(
Overall, Jason is a class act, with a consistent and strong vocals throughout his set-list of songs. The sound system employed that day also is much better then the one when he performed at Stadium Negara. He sounded more clearer. What I love about him is his fun loving energy, and that night he didn't disappoint me and the rest that was there that night.

Highlight of the show:
  • Everyone giving high fives and low ones during dynamo of volition
  • The sing a long to You and I both, The Remedy( I won't worry), and I'm Yours.
  • A southern style preaching from Jason about love
  • Sang operatically on Mr Curiosity. His voice was seriously insane when he sang it.
  • Asking kids to thank their fathers for buying them tickets to watch his song. Dedicate the song Frank D. Fixer to all dads. Poignant moment.

Everything Is Sound 
The Dynamo of Volition 
A Beautiful Mess 
The women i love + reprise 
You and I both (hoot solo) 
i'm coming over (hoot) 
Living in the Moment 
Frank D. Fixer 
Mr. Curiosity 
Only Human 
Make It Mine 
I'm Yours 

Bella Luna 
93 Million Miles 
I Won't Give Up 


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Mme Tshiamo said...

How come you're always getting free tickets? Fuh! Did he sing "I won't Give Up?"

sully86 said...

mme tshiamo: well for this concert. I was particularly at the right place at the right time. You see, i was bored listening to So i switched to and they had this Christina Perri Concert tickets to give out. I was late as I couldn't get through to the radio station to win the tickets. But lo and behold they told the listeners that the next week they will be giving out pairs of tickets to see jason mraz. The rest as they said it is history.
TO answer your question he did sing I won't give up. It was the encore/finale song.

Daniel Chiam said...

waaaah bestnya!!! haha i was hoping i could go but i didnt take the effort to win the tix, haha... omigosh bestnya!

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sully86 said...

daniel Chiam: go and make effort next time. He is an amazing performer I promise u that

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