Friday, July 13, 2012

doughnuts story

Once upon a time, there was a boy who hadn't had a donut in his life. So out of curiosity and love for trying new types of food, he ventured far north to CorporateMall Land. When he reach there after a treacherous journey of wailing waves(means traffics) at the sea(means road). He approaches the one of the place called J.CO tavern. I approached with caution, because I do not know what to expect.

A peculiar looking human stood by the  counter and ask me a question, " What is your business doing here sir?".

"I am looking for a ring with a certain topping on it", I told him in a cautionary manner.

" You mean  doughnut sir?".

"Yes, some doughnuts please", I smirked.

"Okay sir, what flavour doughtnuts would you want to buy sir?"he asked.

" Would like the blackforest flavored one. Can I have a healthier alternative, a baked one maybe?", I demanded.

"No sir!! All of our donuts are fried sir??!!?", quipped the peculiar looking human standing behind the counter.

"Now that's a revelation. I still want them though", I gave him a dead pan look.

"Alright sir!!".


*true story*
After all this while I thought donuts were baked, but instead they are deep fried.

What are doughnuts?


Au and Target said...

Bavarian doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts! Yum.....

sully86 said...

au and target: Oh, that is an awesome flavour too, besides the black forest one.

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