Sunday, July 22, 2012

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

The third and last installment of the Batman franchise sees Batman living in exile after being branded master criminal in causing the death of Harvey Dent. Bruce becomes a recluse because of that. Eventually his empire, Wayne Enterprise is slowly in shambles and in internal turmoil is magnify by the arrival of Bane, a muscle bound evil entity  that is going to destroy the very city that Batman tries to save.
There is so much at stake in the movie. The prevalence of of victory and hope can only happen from adversity and calamity.The movies delves into those issues very intimately
Christopher Nolan's story are usually a slow burner, and Dark Knight Rises is not much different. Clocking at 164 minutes, the movie can get pretty tiresome. Watching a Christopher Nolan movie is like being on a tight rope. You need to stay sharp and focus and when you reach at the end its totally satisfying knowing that you took the plunge and reach the end. The main plot and the subplots are so intense that it keeps you thinking hard about it even after you have walked out of the cinema hall.
Overall it a satisfying movie. Christopher Nolan proves that he is a good storyteller. In this movie he is damn good at it. A brutal, honest ending to a trilogy under the helm of one of the most gifted director in the movie industry in my opinion.

Movie rating: 8.9/10.0


Ellen Whyte said...

I saw the pic and stopped reading as I haven't seen the film yet. Hope it's good!

sully86 said...

au and target: it is very good and don't worry about it, there is no spoilers.

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