Monday, July 30, 2012

London Olympics 2012: The Opening

Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins opens the Olympic Opening Ceremony by ringing a giant bell

Giant smoke stacks appeared out of the centre of the stadium, as the Green and Pleasant Land was replaced with a stark industrial landscape
Giant smoke stack protruding out from the middle of the performance area inside the stadium

Forged in steel mills in the centre of the stadium, the Olympic Rings rise above the crowd
The Olympic rings are illuminated with pyrotechnics as they are raised above the stadium during the Opening Ceremony
Five mock steel rings are slowly hoisted up to form the Olympic logo.

Looking bored: The London Symphony Orchestra played Chariots of Fire as Mr Bean - actor Rowan Atkinson - took to a keyboard
Starring role: The performance cut to a video of Mr Bean running down the beach made famous in the opening scene of the 1981 film Chariots of Fire
Mr Bean and his antics. Seen here
The Queen was happy to accept her mission as the latest 'Bond girl' especially for the Opening Ceremony

Blooming marvellous: This series of photographs shows each of the 204 copper and steel petals of the Olympic cauldron being lit before being lifted up to form one giant flame

  • Mr Bean fumbling on the keyboard. He drifted into a dream and was seen running with a bunch of guys, spoofing the running scene from the movie Chariots of Fire.
  • Harry Potter J.K Rowling, reading from Peter Pan. A lot Marry Poppins were seen flying around the middle of the stadium.
  • Her Majesty the Queen opted for a short cameo as herself and proceed to hop onto the helicopter with Daniel Craig a.k.a James Bond and sets off to jump off the helicopter and into the stadium.
  • The Olympic cauldron a combination of 204 petals. Lit by seven future  young hopeful in British sports.
  • Five mock up rings were seen on the middle of stadium with steel  mill workers fakingly pounding on it. Not long after that all the rings were brought up slowly to form the Olympic logo.
  • Awesome tribute to British music of the last forty years. Psychedelic looking dancers in jumpsuits, and stuff.
I love how they go all out and crazy during the ceremony. The lighting of the cauldron was impressive also.

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