Sunday, October 28, 2012

Random food review: Majeeda Briani

A friend of mine decided to have lunch at a place in Ujong Pasir, Malacca. So he drove me to a very shady place, which is located somewhere near a few blocks of apartment buildings. There is a canopy wedge between a few threes. So that is a few things you need to look out for when trying to look for the place.
You see the canopy there and the trees surrounding it??That is what you need to lookout for.There is also a school located behind.

Apparently its a Sunday afternoon, so my friend and I had the privileged of having our food coming to us pretty fast.

We took a seat underneath a shady tree.

See, no one. So we got good and fast service.

I had a plate of briayani rice with side dishes of mutton+ its gravy, dhal and pickled cucumber.


After not having briyanni rice for a long time, it was a welcomed sight for me. As I got my plate, I noticed a few things mainly the rice was not as pale as the one I had a long time ago. The mutton meat was soft as I poked my fork through it and the side condiments were quite flavorful when I put it in my
I had problem with the pickled cucumber, as it bath in a sambal and I am not use to that. I love the one where they combine slices of pineapple and also cucumber and left to soak in vinegar. I like that.

Price for two: RM18.00++ which includes a cup of iced lime juice drink and neslo. So price wise, its a reasonably price plate of nasi briyanni.

Overall it was a decent meal, the rice could have been more season with the spices associated with briyanni rice. So would I recommend it to you. I do.

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